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No Peenie

One more story to haunt DD#4 well into adulthood, LOL! She was distraught last week when it was time for her brothers to go to boy scouts. She really wanted to go, and insisted “me big enough, go scouts”. No amount of telling her she was too young would convince her, and she just went on and on and on.

Finally, I said, “You have to have a peenie” (her word for ….well, you know what I mean, and no need to give the pervs keywords to search on).
DD: need a peenie?
Me: Yes, boys have a peenie, and you don’t have one, so you can’t go to boy scouts.
DD: No peenie?
Me: No peenie, girls don’t have peenies.
DD: Boys have peenie.
Me: Right
DD: Me no peenie
Me: Right

DD wonders off to play, no longer worried about going to scouts.[tags]kids[/tags]

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