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DD#4 and the Cheese-for reals

Last Saturday, I made a posting mistake. I typed a title to remind me of something I wanted to post, then I hit publish instead of save, and ran out the door. Not only did I mistakenly post, but I did it on the wrong blog. So, for those who read both blogs, here’s the story, and for those who don’t………well, I dunno what to say, except cute kid stories go on this blog :)

You may remember that DD#4 is allergic to milk. Taking a tip from Shelly, we’ve been using the phrase “you can’t have xyz, it has milk in it, and will make you itch.” She is almost 3 now. All of my children, except the 18 year old just get wildly ecstatic when we go to the grocery store. It’s not like we go hungry, I don’t know why they are this way, but they just are. So here’s the story. Oh, we also have hot dogs EVERY Saturday.

DH comes in from the grocery store on Saturday morning, and DD#4 meets him in the kitchen.
DD: You get hot dogs?
DH: I got hot dogs.
DD (jumping up and down): Yaaaaaaay!
DH: I got buns.
DD: (jumping up and down): Yaaaaaaay!
DH: I got cheese.
DD: silence
DD: silence
DD: What else you get?
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