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Knitting as Therapy

I did a bit more knitting yesterday, both on the [tag]lace dress[/tag] and on DD#1s sweater. I actually finished a ball of yarn in that one, though I haven’t noted it on the sidebar. Seemed kind of pointless to do that when it’s the last day of the month, and that’s all the countable yarn I have used. I say countable because I’ve also put a couple balls into the lace dress, but since I did not count that yarn coming in, I can’t count it going out either.

In going back through my posts (yay, only 464 more to go), I’m realizing both how much I miss my knitting and how long some of these WIPs have been hanging around.

I think I need to schedule time to knit again, making it a priority. I could call it “therapy”, and I don’t think I’d be very far off the mark with that.

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