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Ha on me

I promised you a picture today, didn’t I? Well, just go look at this one again. I did try to work on the sleeve. I picked up stitches and wasn’t satisfied. I started it from the bottom and wasn’t satisfied. So I pull it out, and here I am sleeveless. Today, i have been flying around doing this and that, and no knitting has occurred. Perhaps tomorrow. Oh, except that the zoo is coming via my cousin. I miss my knitting. But I feel guilty working on anything else when this project is so far behind. Looking through the archives, it looks like I started this thing in October. I must get this thing finished! And the next time I am asked to create a lace dress for a new baby gift……..I’ll be wiser. I’ll say it will take 6 months.

I just got through whining about my knitting, and I want to think some good thinking thoughts. I am glad I can knit for fun. I am glad I can knit for a favor for a friend. I am glad I don’t knit for a living anymore, or else I would be surely be typing background check nanny into google, so I could go out and get a time-clock job. [tag]Lace[/tag] will not be rushed. It would not be an heirloom if it took 2 hours to make, right?

Just pat me on the head and tell me it will be ok, and this dress will have beautiful sleeves, and I will wonder why I had such trouble to begin with. And also suggest to me that I ought to try to do my stitch picking up before 1 am :)

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