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What is boring?

I finally caught up with DD#2 and her schooling. She’s been working of course, but I haven’t been checking behind her as I should. We had quite the conversation today. She is behind in [tag]Bible[/tag] and [tag]Shakespeare[/tag], which she declares boring. Ahead in History of [tag]Science[/tag], [tag]Mythology[/tag] and [tag]History[/tag], which finds very interesting. And on target with math, poetry and several other subjects which she declares are ok but not great.

I’ll be setting her up to catch some stuff up on the computer. DH reloaded windows on the other system last night, and needs to install a few drivers before it will be internet ready.

I hesitated to let her know I agreed, but I did admit her point internally: Shakespeare is pretty boring to read. It’s fun to watch, and it’s fun to read in parts, but to sit and read the whole play with just your own voice in your head does make it hard to keep the characters straight. So, I’ll either be getting a movie, or reading it with her. Since my time is at a premium……you figure it out.

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