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It’s Wednesday evening. In less than 48 hours, it will be time to post the [tag]Southern Fried Carnival[/tag]. Please make sure to get your entries in by tomorrow night. Dig through your archives and let’s serve up a tasty treat, worthy of the finest bed and breakfast. You can submit your post through the widget on the carnival home page. Just click the chick(en), ya’ll.

Knitting as Therapy

I did a bit more knitting yesterday, both on the [tag]lace dress[/tag] and on DD#1s sweater. I actually finished a ball of yarn in that one, though I haven’t noted it on the sidebar. Seemed kind of pointless to do that when it’s the last day of the month, and that’s all the countable yarn I have used. I say countable because I’ve also put a couple balls into the lace dress, but since I did not count that yarn coming in, I can’t count it going out either.

In going back through my posts (yay, only 464 more to go), I’m realizing both how much I miss my knitting and how long some of these WIPs have been hanging around.

I think I need to schedule time to knit again, making it a priority. I could call it “therapy”, and I don’t think I’d be very far off the mark with that.


DD#2 is almost finished with the [tag]lesson plans[/tag] I wrote last summer. We’ve had a rocky few months with general life. I am very, very thankful that when life was calmer, I pushed a bit harder on school. We had several years in a row when we schooled over 200 days, and that has really helped during this year of general craziness. She is playing catch-up in those subjects she’s found boring, of course, but it will soon be time to write new plans for her.

I caught her this morning working in HTML on the other computer. *tap, tap* I know just enough of that to be dangerous, and I am not quite sure where she’s learned it from. She was altering a blog template. Now I can hack code, but I cannot write it, and I’d like to help her gain more knowledge in that area since she enjoys it.

I’m looking at [tag]Dream.In.Code[/tag] as a possible place for her to start. In addition to code snippets for specific functions and processes in several languages, there are forums which offer programming help and extensive information on web development. There are also programming tutorials.

I called her over to see what I had written and she got excited, so I guess that means I’ll be including some computer tech skills when I write her lesson plans again.

One handsome fella!

Here is one of the pictures from DS#3’s shoot today. The rest can be found at DigiCass.

IMG 0611

What is boring?

I finally caught up with DD#2 and her schooling. She’s been working of course, but I haven’t been checking behind her as I should. We had quite the conversation today. She is behind in [tag]Bible[/tag] and [tag]Shakespeare[/tag], which she declares boring. Ahead in History of [tag]Science[/tag], [tag]Mythology[/tag] and [tag]History[/tag], which finds very interesting. And on target with math, poetry and several other subjects which she declares are ok but not great.

I’ll be setting her up to catch some stuff up on the computer. DH reloaded windows on the other system last night, and needs to install a few drivers before it will be internet ready.

I hesitated to let her know I agreed, but I did admit her point internally: Shakespeare is pretty boring to read. It’s fun to watch, and it’s fun to read in parts, but to sit and read the whole play with just your own voice in your head does make it hard to keep the characters straight. So, I’ll either be getting a movie, or reading it with her. Since my time is at a premium……you figure it out.

Some knitting going on!

I knit a bit last night on the sleeve for the lace dress. And then I watched a movie with DD#1 and knit on her sweater. I knit on that again today while some of the children read their lessons to me. I’ll have to check with her before I get much further to see how long she wants it, probably at the end of the next ball.

It sure felt good to have the needles click-clicking again :)

Spring 2007 Patternworks

Well, lookie what brightened my mailbox recently! I didn’t see alot new stuff in it, but there were still a couple of things I like. I’d never seen the Encore 7333 worked up before, adn I must say it looks different that I imagined (pp26-27). I’ll have to be adding some of that to my stash. As usual, the koigu page has me absolutely breathless. One day, I tell you. One day, I shall knit a humongous shawl from that stuff.

And, Woohoo!! 1824 wool is back, as promised. This is the first catalog I’ve seen it in. Color me all over that. [tags]Patternworks[/tags]


I just watched my baby take three wobbly [tag]baby steps[/tag]. She’s walking.

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