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Laundry or knitting?

I really should be putting away the laundry. I really want to knit. I really need a nap. When faced with such a trifecta, what do you choose? Should, want or need?

Since napping is out of the question at this moment, I can whittle it on down to two. Perhaps I will put the laundry away now, and knit after supper. I think if I put some effort into it, I can get the back of that dress finished tonight. Of course, once dh gets home and I can sleep……..well, we’ll see.

Ok, this isn’t knitting *or* putting away laundry. I’m outta here.

Yummy Stuff

Oh, will you just look at this?

Dear DH,
Valentine’s Day is coming. I know we usually forget and blow it off, but it’s been a rough year. Not between us, just a rough year for me personally. I guess by extension, that means it’s been pretty rough for you, too. So, this year let’s decide not to blow off Val’s day, and do something special for ourselves. These chocolate covered strawberries look wonderful, don’t they? Maybe we could get someone to come watch the children for a couple of hours so we could go out out to eat. Then we can come home, put them all to bed early, and watch a grown up movie while eating our treats.

Your loving but harried Wife

Here’s what the rest of you need to know:
The Chocolate Covered Company offers a wide array of unique, hand crafted, chocolate dipped fruits. Their valentines chocolate covered strawberries are available in 1 dozen, 2 dozen and 4 dozen packages.They only use high quality, fresh fruits from California. Each berry is hand dipped and packaged with care. And your sweetheart will love this present.

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Not so hard!

So, I finally got to sit down with the pattern and the lace dress, and it’s not so hard after all. I got 14 rows done on teh back last night, and it’s time to start the armhole shaping. I was too tired to tackle that, so I stopped, and today I haven’t touched it at all.

Today was [tag]Mama[/tag]’s birthday, and I spent some time working on her blog for her, and also picking up [tag]God’s Van[/tag] which you can read all about on my other blog. It’s quite a story..

French Lace?

Following up on my earlier post on France, I’m still dreaming of a little solitude. Since I finished Grandmother’s socks, it’s time to turn back to the little lace dress, and I need some quiet to learn the new lace pattern. An overseas property would get me far enough away from other distractions to allow me to concentrate, right?

Shhh, don’t tell me that I would be more distracted by the adventure. That’s not what I want to hear. I want to hear that a house abroad is just the ticket for my normally knitting ADD self!

Seriously, it is time to pick the dress up again. I’d really like to finish it this month. Well, let’s back up. You may remember that my original goal was Christmas, but that turned out to be a real belly-busting joke, now didn’t it?

Grandmother’s Socks For Real

IMG 0253

I finished these heavy [tag]socks[/tag] for Grandmother today. They were knit with [tag]Red Heart MacIntosh[/tag], shown here, on size 7 needles. The cuffs are garter stitch, then the stitches for the foot were picked up and knitted in the round.

Media Converter

I need to ask DD#1 what she thinks of this Digital Media Converter. She does all that sort of thing for me. I’ve learned how to handle still images just because I use them so much, and I have to be honest and say that all the fancy-schmancy stuff you now see me doing with my pictures is really done by the nifty photopress plugin, and not by any great leap in my photo techs-pertise.

The program allows you to convert your video and audio files from one format to another, and supports a gazillion formats. Here’s what you can do:

Convert between VCD, DVD, AVI (DivX, MS MPEG4, uncompressed), MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (PAL, NTSC), MP3, MOV, WMV, WMA, DVR-MS, and WAV.
Multi-select files and entire folders for conversion.
Extract soundtrack from movie files into MP3s.
Increase the volume of converted file up to 400% of the source file volume.
Reduce the file size of large videos.
Convert almost any format that can play on your PC.
Auto detect and fix many types of file format problems during conversion.
Split media files into smaller parts or auto split by size and time duration.
Change the audio or video properties independently.
Retain ID3 tags like author, title, artist, album etc. while encoding to Windows Media Format and MP3.
Convert DVR-MS files on your Media Center PCs.
Transfer media files to your Apple iPod or Sony PSP.
Convert VOB files on your DVD between PAL and NTSC standards.
Adjust video brightness and contrast.
Retain aspect ratio of video files even if you have changed dimensions during conversion
Search media files on your computer for conversion.

The price is 39.95, but a trial version is available. If you try it before I do, please let me know what you think.

Family Portrait Time

I asked my uncle to take some photos of us almost as soon as he got here today. Without further ado, I present my gang! I think the last one is the best of the bunch. I am including them all because we all look better/more like ourselves in different shots.
IMG 0235IMG 0236IMG 0237IMG 0238IMG 0239

IMG 0240

Lasik Answers

If you are considering Lasik and have questions, the forums at USAeyes may be for you. Users can post their questions, which are answered by LasikExpert. He’s not a doctor, but he has put together a nice site with lots of information.

The fora have sections for folks who are thinking about lasik, those who have just had it done and those who had it done awhile ago. They seem fairly active for such a niche audience, with 922 registered users. Man, that’s a lot of questions and answers!

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