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Knitted Lace Dress Update

I finished the back! I have 2 fronts, 2 sleeves, 2 socks and a hat to do. Now that I am not pumping, I hope things will go a bit faster. I promise you that there is no red spot on this dress. I have no idea what it is or where it came from.


In other knitting news, I am pleased to report that the desire to knit is back. For awhile there I was wondering if I would ever enjoy it again. I did not post about it, of course, because I was afraid to admit it, but the love was gone. It’s back–and i am excited to knit now.[tags]knitted lace[/tags]

Equalize This!

In the category of strange and unusual, I’ve found this gem of a shirt! It a functional equalizer that you wear. Now it’s designed to work with music, but I wonder if I might wear it to convince my sons that they reall *are* screaming. Whaddya think?

Thanks to Kimberly for pointing out the [tag]equalizer t-shirt[/tag]! It’s awesome.

Southern Fried Carnival – January 19, 2007

Welcome to the January 19, 2007 edition of Southern Fried. this first issue was so much fun to put together. I noticed a lot of us like the same things about living here. Thank you so much for your submissions, and don’t forget we’re doing this again next week. You can send in any piece you want, but if all other inspiration fails you, I’ll take a recipe :)

evelester presents Why I like the south… posted at Confessions of an Everyday Housewife explaining all she finds great about life here.

Cass presents Embracing my rednekkidness posted at Cass’s Midlife Musings mixing humor and seriousness in a post designed to provoke thought.

Ann Crum presents Living in the South posted at Zoo Talk talking about food, weather and our people.

skeet presents Little things I miss posted at Skeet’s Stuff asking if you can pass one little test of southernness.

Suni & J presents Southern *jersey* Charm posted at Bucket O’ Bulletz going on all about some food, and of course, inviting us to drop on by.

David Parker presents More than y’all wanted to know about “y’all” posted at another history blog informing of all about spelling issues. (He’s right, y’all.)

Nellie Martin presents SOUTHERN FRIED posted at blending a manners lesson with a menu that will make the table groan from pleasure.

mrscrumley presents Coyote sighting in my Chattanooga neighborhood: but is that all? posted at Chattanooga Is Home teasing us with her subversive sightings.

Belle presents Southern Fried Carnival #1 posted at Devilish Southern Belle telling us that her very favorite thing is something most of mentioned.

CyberCelt presents Discover Your Inner Cowboy or Cowgirl posted at Texas RV Travel Blog welcoming yankees as well us home-grown folks..

And one late addition from the ex-Yankee Kat, who obviously runs on SST (Southern Standard Time, y’all) now. She’s posted Southern-Fried Carnival #1 at My Single Mom Life.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
Southern Fried using our carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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No Loan needed

One of the most exciting things about getting our new-to-us van is that I did not need an official loan to do it. I hate borrowing money, and right now they only loan we have is our mortgage. I do owe Mama still for the van, but I’ve already started paying that back. I’m not sure whether it’s a personal loan or a family favor. Regardless, I hope to pay her back quickly, because I absolutely hate owing money. Loans usually get me in trouble!

I have never understood the philosophy behind folk getting more and more into debt, with ever growing remortgages and such. The debt consolidation loans are almost as bad. It seems to me that if you get into financial trouble, you ought to stop, step back, and re-think your spending habits.

Project Spectrum

Lookie what I am going to do! This ought help me get a little systematic in using up some of the stash, eh? Motivate me to finish off some WIPS, hunh? I am so not buying yarn for this!

The plan calls for 3 colors in two month blocks this year, with Feb/March being blue, white and grey. Hmm, lets see what I have in those colors??

Yeah, I am so in!
projectspectrum[tags]project spectrum[/tags]


Here’s something interesting: Belisi asks, "What’s Beautiful to You?"

Palm Beach, FL (PRWeb) January 18, 2007 – Belisi, makers of finishing pieces for wardrobes and a name synonymous with luxury, announces the launch of the What’s Beautiful to You? campaign. Peter Belisi says, “there’s more to beauty than glitz and glamour. The most beautiful people I’ve seen aren’t models & celebrities, but everyday people who make the world better, whether on a global scale or just by being a good mom or dad, husband or wife, brother or sister. We’ve launched the what’s beautiful to you campaign to to see if others agree. I know there’s irony in this type of campaign from a fashion company, but that’s the point, to get people to expand their view of beauty.”

There is a contest to go along with this campaign, and the winner receives a $100 Belisi gift certificate. So, [tag]what’s beautiful to me[/tag]? It depends on which eyes I am looking through, I suppose.

When I look through the eyes of a mother, it is my children I find most beautiful. All of them are delightful to look at it, of course, but their personalities are pretty spectacular, too. I’m blessed to have quite a range of delightful people in my home, from the budding adult with all of her teenage angst, to the medium sized diva with her own notions of just how things ought to be done, to the baby who stands on still-wobbly knees and grins at me in her wonderful gap-toothed way. And that’s not even half my crew :)

When I look through my photographer’s eyes, it is light and texture and the intermingling, ever-changing fluctuation of the two together. For instance, today I noticed that the tress which were brown and grey bark yesterday are today covered on one side with soft green moss. To me, that’s beautiful, and I’ll probably take a photo of it if it stops raining and stays grey long enough for me to do so.

The knitter in me takes great delight in vibrant colors, smooth textures, and the tools of my trade. It’s not just the way they look, but the way they feel in my hands that makes them beautiful. There are also beautiful memories caught up in some of my tools: the stitch markers from a friend, the antique needles that I don’t even know the history of, but can tell from the worn look of them that someone used them well.

And finally, when I look through the eyes of faith, there is beauty beyond compare. It is through these eyes that I see the hand of my Savior reaching down to lift a wretch like me from self-destruction. It is through these eyes of faith that I understand how much that redemption cost Him. And it is through these eyes that I see the wonderful prize that lies before me when I finish this race. It’s then that I will see the most beautiful thing of all–the face of Jesus Himself.

I know you want to know

So what did I do last night? The answer is some of everything. I did get teh laundry in my room put away, though the laundry on the couch still taunts me. Then I did 14 rows on the back of the lace dress. I’m through with the armhole shaping now.

Then I went to bed at the unheard of (for me lately) hour of 1am. It didn’t do alot of good, because I didn;t get any extra sleep (thank you DDs 4 and 5), but at least I went to bed.

I really want to press on and finish the back of this dress tonight![tags]knitted lace[/tags]

Not Surprised

It seems the FDA has forced Bard Composix® Kugel Mesh Hernia Repair Patches to be recalled. That’s not surprising, as the FDA often approves things and then realizes a mistake has been made. It’s also not surprising that medical products that can be of tremendous use are shelved for too long awaiting approval. This is, after all, the government. But that’s another post for another day.

What brings to title to this post is that there is already a law firm advertising for your business if you have one of these patches. The Composix Kugel Mesh Hernia Repair Patch recall is going to make some folks a bunch of money. I think you know how I feel about that.

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