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Haven’t finished the other front. Haven’t looked much at the sleeves yet, either. Nor have a I remembered to put a square in Hocks for the past 2 days. You know, since I said I was putting it on the square a day plan? Since then.

What I have been thinking about is my blue/gray/white yarn and Project Spectrum. I mentioned it, with picture here. I can see that I have DH’s socks in the socks basket picture, so that’s probably where I should start. And I’ll go thought the wool bin for scraps in those colors for a stripey something. (I think I already used up the blues in there though.) Finally, I can start the sweater fro my sister-in-law if time allows.

Sigh. It would sure be nice to have as much time to knit as I plan for, LOL!


So, I spent a bit of time over at , checking out Days of our Lives updates. It’s like catching up with old friends. I remember when Stephano DiMera came on the show, for crying out loud, and he’s still there and still causing trouble. Rumor has it he may be leaving the show, though.

One person I am curious about is Roman. Do you remember that whole Roman is missing, here’s a new Roman, oops his name is John Black, but here’s the old Roman again, thing? Yeah, I told you I used to be hooked on this soap! I can’t seem to find much about Roman in recent episodes, though, except as regards his work.

I checked out the cast list, and discovered that the actor who played Roman when I was watching has recently played a Alex North. In the plot line, he’d been married to Marlena before. Umm, yeah, duh. But he was a totally separate guy, not a fake Roman.

But Roman is now played by the guy who used to play Chris. And Chris isn’t even listed as a cast member anymore. I did see that Doug is still around. He must be a hundred and seven by now!

Hmmm, I may, umm………, not gonna do that.

One front down

I *just* cast off the right front of the lace dress. I am hopeful to do the left one tomorrow, and then I have a dilemma. The pattern calls for knitting the sleeves and then sewing them in. If you’ve been reading very long at all–ok, an aside–if you were reading when I still knit–you know I hate to do that, and always, always pick up and knit my sleeves down. I am going to have to really study this pattern and see if there is something tricky enough to justify knitting and then seaming. Yeah, I doubt it, too.

Hero(es) Worship

For weeks they’ve been waiting………anticipating……….drooling. Now it’s here and I think they are still drooling.
heroes worship

Might be taking a trip

Ted at PPP has announced the date for PostieCon2007. It’s the second weekend in June, and I am really considering going. It would be great fun to meet the other posties. Some of my good cyber-friends will be there. And the offices are right there, so I am sure we’ll meet more of the PPP staff. There are a couple of people I’d like to shake hands with. I’ve asked my mom to help DH with the kiddos while I am off enjoying my self working!

I won’t be needing to take advantage of any Florida vacation rentals, since I’ll be rooming with friends to save money, and we want a hotel very close to the……umm, never mind, *that part is still a secret*. All I can say is that Orlando is on my mind.

Remember this?

IMG 0321
It’s Hocks!! After I finished with my worsted weight scraps, i took this out again. I worked on it a bit over the weekend, and have out it back on the square a day plan. It’s great for watching TV. Hopefully I’ll get it done this year. 300 more squares ought to do it, don’t you think?

Edited to say: Yes, I was on the fly when I took the pic. It’s not intended to be an accurate representation. Consider it abstract art.


I don’t watch soap operas much anymore, but my mother sure follows them. She was telling me a whacked out story one day, about this person and that person, and it just kept getting more and more twisted. I finally stopped her, and said “wait a minute! Are you talking about a soap opera??” She just laughed at me, and said “well, yeah”.

With her work schedule these days, she misses a lot of episodes, so I am sure she will enjoy this Soap Opera site. She can catch up at her leisure. Hmm, maybe I could even use it to see what’s happened on Days of Our Lives for the past 18 and a half years. Is Marlena ever going to age? I’d like to see some “now and then” pics to see if she still looks the same as she did back in the day. I really think she does!

Worsted Scrap Blanket

worsted scrap blanket

This is what I spent time knitting Saturday. It’s been in my sidebar quite awhile as the “worsted scrap blanket”. That’s exactly what it is :) I think I am working on the last square for the first row. I just put leftovers of washable yarns in it. For months it will sit and wait patiently, and then a flurry of activity, and then nothing. Today, I put 4 leftovers in it. The blanket grew and the stash count shrank. Gotta love a project like that.

The pajama-clad knee belongs to DS#2.

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