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Patio Heater

In the new and nifty category, have you seen this new patio heater? Unlike stand apart heaters, you set your patio table in this umbrella heater. Like this:

It’s out of the way, and warms your feet! I don’t know about you, but if my feet are warm, then I am warm.

While you are checking out that heater, look at this electric fireplace. I love a fireplace, but natural gas just terrifies me, and I am not real comfy with a traditional fireplace with the children around either.

Well, crap!

I did break it. I had to take it back to the previous install. Something about the way 2.1 integrates the categories with the blogroll knackered everything. All my extra pages, they are gona and will need to be recreated. Sometimes LIFE JUST SUCKS.

But at least I can scream about it :)

oh my gosh

I think i killed it!

Gourmet Gift baskets

Gourmet gift baskets show off your great taste, and are sure to please the most finicky of gift recipients. (That would be me!) Valentines Gift Baskets show that you think the person you love I deserve the very best. You can skip the pre-designed numbers and fill one for me with fresh fruit and CHOCOLATE and cheese. Personalized baskets are the best :)

Don’t forget that since I am a knitter, special attention needs to be paid to the basket itself, not just what goes into it. I prefer sturdy, but light weight, and the sides need to be about 4 inches tall, minimum, but deeper is better. And mind you, I do not need a sock basket. Better make sure it’s a sweater sized basket, though truly, afghan sized would suit me best, I think.

Must call SIL

I need to call my sister-in-law about her sweater. I haven’t talked to her in ages! I look forward to hearing about the nieces.

I should tell you the story of her. My ex husband convinced us both that we would hate each other. But she thought I should see my oldest daugher, and so she invited me to Texas to stay with her for a weekish and have a good visit with my young’un. It had been years since I’d seen DD at that point, so I agreed. Mama, Grandmother, the current five children and I all loaded up into one of those huge rental vans and took off for Texas.

Kathy and I circled around each other for about an hour, and then……..we just looked at each other, laughed and started over. We talked together and prayed together, both for her family and mine, that whole week. And we went back the following year, and it was just as marvelous. It was a wonderful time, and I tell, ya, I miss her! She doesn’t come this way, and I don’t go that way anymore. But I would surely love to do so.

Pure Sugar

I found a new knitting blog. It’s called Pure Sugar, and it is owned by a knitter who is as prolific as I used to be. I had to laugh when she said she loaths DPNs. The rest of you know my advice on that right? Yep, practice makes perfect.

I’ve already added her to my feeds :)

Stop the crazy already!

I have expressed my reservations about on-line dating before, but the site I saw today really takes the cake. It’s called “Date a Millionaire-Find Your Sugar Daddy today!” It’s designed for singles to meet wealthy men and women, too. This saddens me for a wide variety of reasons.

A quick perusal of the home page showed nice looking young men and women looking for money. Yes, I said looking for money. Most of the profiles mentioned that specifically. And some of these folks are so young. You have to wonder how they got so jaded so early?

I have to say: If I were a wealthy person, I would RUN from this site. How much money someone has is *not* an indicator of their value, but if someone has an income threshold as a criterion of date-worthiness, that’s a pretty good indication of their real value, now isn’t it?

Call me naive and old-fashioned. Money does make life easier, but it’s a shallow, hollow substitute for a committed relationship based on who you are, not what you have.

Wednesday, right?

Just a quickie reminder to get your posts in fro the Southern Fried Carnival. I’ll be publishing on Friday, and submissions are due tonight. No theme, just submit whatever you’d like. If all else fails, send me a recipe :)

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