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Yes, I knit!

Last night I finally picked up the stitches for the second front on the lace dress. Of course, I first picked them up from the *back*. That was real helpful–NOT. Of course, as I was trying to do it, all my children wanted to converse with me simultaneously, which may have caused my wee issue. Nonetheless, I am now working my way up the front on the front, and hope to get that done shortly. Then I’ll show you a wee pic, ok?

Yes, I know I need to hurry. [tag]Project Spectrum[/tag] starts Thursday!


No, not your wardrobe! Accessorize your ride with a ladder rack. Now you and I as knitters probably don’t use ladders very often, but we do have storage issues, don’t we? Seems to me that you could use bungee cords to attach bins of yarn to such a thing, and then you’d always have plenty of fiber with you, yes? Why force yourself into a wee basket when you could be hauling around your whole [tag]stash[/tag]?

Too Funny!

Here is a [tag]video[/tag] a friend sent me this morning. It is just too funny! Thanks, Alli, for a good laugh today!

As for me, I have a boatload of laundry to do today before I can knit. My washing machine started acting bizarre last week, so I only did minimal [tag]laundry[/tag] waiting for dh to have a look-see. He says he can’t find anything wrong with it, and mentioned something about crusty underwear before he left this morning. Umm, oops.

Postie Carnie!

The new edition of the [tag]Postie Carnival[/tag] is up, hosted by Marcus. He’s done an awesome job this week, and there are many great writers, so be sure to check it out!

I like finding new music to listen to, and I discovered a new site to do just that. just launched on January 8th, in beta. I looked over the site tonight, and checked out some of the features they will have in full release. In addition to the player and playlist editor, they’ll also have custom profile pages and classifieds listing for musicians. [tag]Unsigned Bands[/tag] can use this to find band members, instruments and just about any other music related thing.

The biggie is a feature I haven’t seen anywhere else: the ability to make your own compilation *and sell it* through them. The revenues will be split between the producer (that would be you and me) and the artist. I don’t think I’ll get so much into the selling, but being able to get a professionally recorded cd of songs I specifically choose appeals to me.


And in other news

While I was arguing with my upgrade, I also did some polishing of another site you may enjoy. [tag]Six Neat Things[/tag] is another blog of mine, and I like to think of it as an internet playground. Over there, I tell you about a new site 6 days a week.

I also launched [tag]Mothering Many[/tag] the past week. There I just give little tips I’ve learned about household stuff, homeschooling, and such as this.

And, finally, I brought back the idea behind a site I abandoned when I opened this one. [tag]You Know Not![/tag] discusses news and current events, local, national and for the past two days, personal.

I hope you enjoy these sites. As for me, having fought with various assorted blogs for several days, I plan to get up from this chair tomorrow and clean a bit. And also knit :)

Successful Upgrade to WP 2.1

After yesterdays disaster, I was successful today in upgrading to WordPress 2.1. My site was down less than 5 minutes total. I gathered tips from a couple of different bloggers and this is step by step how to do. The bug is the Askimet plugin.

Download your complete theme.
Download any image files. (You can save your old installation as first and then pull them from there after upgrading).
Deactivate all your plugins.
Download and save any plugins that you needed to configure.
Delete Askimet totally.
Upload previously saved template and plugins.
Activate plugins and enjoy.

Yes, I vomited 4 times. But I did it. And you can, too.[tags]Word Press, WP, WordPress 2.1, Ella, WP upgrade[/tags]

Southern Fried Carnival January 26, 2007

Welcome to the January 26, 2007 edition of Southern Fried.

J.C. Wilmore presents The RD’s “Top Ten” things to do when in Richmond posted at The Richmond Democrat.

Nellie Martin presents SOUTHERN FRIED #2-RECIPE posted at Robyn, this one is for you.

Colleen presents good southern eats posted at Simple Kind Of Life.

Skeet shares her family recipe for Dirty Rice published on Skeet’s Stuff.

Cass talks about small town life in Not from Here, published on Cass’s Midlife Musings.

And last but not least, Kat commits sacrilege with skinless un-fried chicken, on My Single Mom Life. It’s a really good thing I like her :)

I’d love to hear from ya’ll next week. I am not assigning a theme again. I think we are better writers when we talk about what we know and love, so just submit a piece that pleases you.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of southern fried using our carnival submission form.Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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