sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Where am I supposed to put it?

DD#5 is needing a dresser. Or is it DD#4? Well, one of them certainly needs a dresser, because right now they are sharing one, and it is stuffed to the groaning point. I have no idea where I will put another dresser mind you, since they both sleep in my room. So that means I have a queen bed, a toddler bed, a pack and play, 2 dressers, a highboy, a bookcase, a changing table AND a night stand in there, but nevertheless, I’m looking at kids furniture.

Yeah. I can hear you laughing from here. You remember the movie [tag]Aladdin[/tag]? The Disney one, with Robin Williams as the Genie?


itty bitty living space
That’s us.

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