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Off the Fence

I’m off the fence ya’ll. I’ve decided whether or not I’m playing. I haven’t decided to tell you whether or not I’m playing, but I have at least made a decision. Aren’t I mean? I know you are just here for the hp camera piece, and I really don’t resent you for that. But please don’t neglect to check out my extensive porn collection while you are here. The yarn, ding-a-ling! What did you think I meant??????

Now you already know HP is sponsoring this contest and this post. Did you also know that HP totally rocks when it comes to Digital Photo Printing? Yeah, I know you want me to quit yammering, but I kinda like having your full attention. Not that I don’t know you just scrolled past all these words to get the piece. I’ve got your number!

This post sponsored by HP.

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