sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Must call SIL

I need to call my sister-in-law about her sweater. I haven’t talked to her in ages! I look forward to hearing about the nieces.

I should tell you the story of her. My ex husband convinced us both that we would hate each other. But she thought I should see my oldest daugher, and so she invited me to Texas to stay with her for a weekish and have a good visit with my young’un. It had been years since I’d seen DD at that point, so I agreed. Mama, Grandmother, the current five children and I all loaded up into one of those huge rental vans and took off for Texas.

Kathy and I circled around each other for about an hour, and then……..we just looked at each other, laughed and started over. We talked together and prayed together, both for her family and mine, that whole week. And we went back the following year, and it was just as marvelous. It was a wonderful time, and I tell, ya, I miss her! She doesn’t come this way, and I don’t go that way anymore. But I would surely love to do so.

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