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You know that I knit for my kids, and you’ve seen the pics (and you still can since I found and corrected my wee HUGE oversight. You also know they come in various shapes and sizes. One thing I try to stress to my kids is to just eat moderate amounts of whatever they want, but stop when they are full. I do have a couple I have to remind that [tag]eating[/tag] is really not supposed to be a hobby, ykwim? And I am always laughing at my sons, since they seem to require a minimum of three breakfasts each day.

But I seriously never want my kids to fall into the trap that so many kids do of worrying constantly about body image. It seems that at ever-younger ages our youth are turning to items like Fat Burner to try to be unhealthily slim. I have a kid who is slim that way naturally, and it’s no picnic. She’s the hardest to dress. If it is small enough to fit around her, it’s way too short, and this applies to everything except underwear. She loves for me to knit for her the most, I think, because when I knit it, it fits correctly.

That’s the great thing about handmade: just the color, size and shape you need!

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