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Breast Pumps

Ya’ll know I am still pumping, even with the mastitis. I’m back up to five pumps per day, until I feel like this has cleared up. We do have a [tag]breastfeeding[/tag] store in town, but they don’t always have what I need when I need it. I’ve also had luck ordering online when I need parts for my [tag]breast pumps[/tag]. I use a Medela PIS, btw. I also have an older Medela electric, and a Medela Harmony. I really like Medela because of the interchangeable breastshields. I’ve not found another company that offers different size shields, and being able to change the size has made the difference in me being able to continue pumping or not. And this car adapter? It has saved my sanity.

Green Encore

green encore
I just have one ball of this. It’s left over from the baby layette I made when I was just sure that DD#5 was DS#4. I’ll use it with rust to make DS#1’s sweater.

Christmas Travels?

Is anybody going away for Christmas? We don’t anymore, since we live right here around my family, but we used to travel over the holidays, and could really have used some hotel discounts. This site offers discounted hotel rooms world wide and even vacation packages. Check the left side bar for a pretty hefty rebate offer. If I don’t get a little bit of quiet soon, I may use this site and the rebate for a little vay-kay of my own. Alone!

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Bedhead’s Wife

My gal Terri, she’s into pics and vids. And she’s into sharing them. And she’s married to Bedhead, which I showed you. She has 2 blogs.

The first one is Musings “Peek into my life with photos and vids from my world. Thoughts on life, family, a wee bit of astrology, and my reviews of sites and products. You should read this every day. Or even more often.” Don’t miss this entry with a photo of her DH back in the day. Too cute for words!

Her second blog is Shameless Reality Show “Other shows make you switch families. We’re just trying to live with our own.” She shares more photos and videos there, including the Bedhead video, and her weight-loss journey.


If you need a [tag]neat Christmas gift[/tag], for someone special, you may want to check Cheap Wedding Favors. In spite of the name, there are some really nice looking things on this site, and for more than just weddings. :)

There are candles, bath and body items, and many other categories. For instance, here’s some Truly Lace. It happens to be one of my all time favorite scents. There truly is something for just about everyone here, even children. Check out this train bank, just one of several nice banks on the site, all of which can be personalized.

Yes, they have [tag]wedding favors[/tag], too. I’m just not as interested in those since I’m not getting married, LOL! Don’t let the name throw you like it did me. I’ve known about this site for days, but just visited today. Just goes to show it’s true that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or a website by it’s name.

Too hot to handle

steveYoung Canadian track-star living in New York seeks older women for companionship and blog awareness.

Steve blogs about college life and track, and neat stuff he finds on the internet. He sounds so busy on his blog that it makes me dizzy! He calls his blog [tag]The Beginnings of a Blog[/tag], but it’s pretty extensive. He’s been going at it since April of 2005. Right now, he’s writing a lot of papers to finish up the school term. When he’s not procrastinating, that is. That little bitty picture on his blog is just a tease. That’s why I gave you this big one to enjoy.

Photo Storage

Ya’ll know I take a lot of pictures (and if you haven’t yet visited Digi-Cass, there are even more there). I’m lucky to have a lot of storage space with my hosting company, but not everyone has all the space I do.

If you are running out of space for your shots, check out [tag]Blubox[/tag]. If you have a digital camera you need this product. With Blubox, you can work with over 480 image formats and save up to 20 times more data in the same space. It doesn’t alter or delete your originals and uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect your privacy. You can use it to send photos by email, and also compress your albums for everyday viewing and long term storage.

They offer a free trial, and there’s a flash video to show you how to use the program.

Bulletz of Knowledge

In my never-ending search for knowledge, I’ve found a few good geeky but understandable blogs, and I’m going to tell you about one of them today :)

My pal Suni, whom I have decided is my born-a-part twin because she shares both my love of Christ, and my passion for big fat books of historical fiction, writes [tag]Bulletz of Knowledge[/tag]. Recent posts include one on loofahs, and one on furry laptop covers.

She’s a riot, go check her out. The site is clean and smooth, the write ups are short and sweet, and she’s an all around good gal.

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