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Vegas, Baby!

What is it with [tag]Las Vegas[/tag] lately? I may not have mentioned it much on the blog, but it’s almost like the city is following me around. Every time I turn around, it’s [tag]Vegas[/tag] this or Vegas that. And there aren’t even any sheep there, for crying out loud.

In October, my cousin got married at the Little White Wedding Chapel. Then in November, my friend Jules took the plunge in the same chapel, courtesy of PPP. Then PPP filmed an episode of Rockstartup there, AND they’ve released another crazy puzzle scavenger hunt to promote the Las Vegas episode. Cause where PPP is concerned, what happens in Vegas is not necessarily going to stay there!

About the only thing I haven’t heard much about lately is the Las Vegas real estate market. I do know that Las Vegas new homes are going up almost as fast as they are here, which is entirely too fast for me, but then Vegas is probably 80 times the size of my little town.

Oh, and did I mention that Vegas and CSI are among the few TV shows I actually watch? Yeah, I’m tuning in to follow Delinda and Mike. What about it? It was the Elvis song that got me hooked!

Not a stitch

I sure wish I knew where my day went. All I know is what didn’t happen: fibering of any sort. Too much mouse clicking and not enough needle clicking, Tomorrow promises to be incredibly busy, but I really want to get at least one ornament done. I believe I ended up in this same position last year, and promised myself it would not happen again. And yet, here I am. Sigh.

I Need a Bath

Ok, actually a shower, but that’s not what I am going to talk about. Instead, I am continuing the travel theme, with a wee postie about Bath, the city. Bath is one of several so-called heritage cities in England.

Bath EnglandBath’s impeccable historic credentials don’t tell the full story. Today more so than ever, it’s a thriving, vibrant city. 19th century Georgian gaiety has been replaced by a decidedly 21st-century cosmopolitan buzz. Bath offers an enviable lifestyle, with a year-round calendar of events.

I love these types of sites. I so enjoyed my one visit to Europe, and wish I could go back to see more. You know, don’t you, that in spite of our break with Britain over 200 years ago, their history is our history, too?

Dublin Tweed

dublin tweed
Here we have 16 balls of [tag]Dublin Tweed[/tag] for a total of 800 meters. It knits at a gauge of 14/4 on 8-10s. This is supposed to become a sweater for DSIL. I’m having a hard time getting her measurements, though.
[tags]wool, yarn, stash[/tags]

Eve’s getting married today!

My friend Eve is getting married today. She didn’t announce any big plans to party hearty last night, but I bet she could have cooked up a hen party if she had wanted to. I do know her fiancee had a bachelor bash, though. I don’t know what time the wedding is, so he might even be her husband by now.

From the comments

Suni asked:
Would it be just as bad as crochet fiber?
in reference to the [tag]Caron yarn[/tag] I was talking about a couple of days ago here.

I often find that a yarn I cannot stand to knit will [tag]crochet[/tag] just fine, and vice versa. I also find that yarns I dislike to “pick”, I can throw with little problem. However, I am not usually willing to give up the ease and speed of picking to use a particular yarn.

Thanks, Suni, for a really good question!


Ok, this post has very little to do with Christmas, really, but that pun was to good to resist. I’m just twisted that way. No, what I want to talk about is how much I enjoy [tag]working at home[/tag]. I like being here with the children, and taking part in their lives. How else can you take kiss and hug breaks? And who is ever gonna smile at you like your baby? My work at home business doesn’t bring in six figures, it’s true, but I don’t have to wear panty-hose, either. It’s a fair trade. Besides, I haven’t many business suits that go well with grape jelly.

Better get a move on!

I have just finished the fourth ornament. I have 9 days to finish 6 more of those and a stocking. Time to get the lead out!!! Are you gals/guys working on [tag]Christmas knitting[/tag]? Do tell!!! I’m very relieved that I finished the one knitted present before I got so sick.

I have some rather exciting news for you all. I’m getting a better camera, so you will get better pictures! Really, I did it all for you 😛

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