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Ok, just kidding. Will you settle for a PPP channel on youtube? Well, it’s true! They have 37 videos there. All the juicy confessionals, and the episodes of rockstartup. They’ve even put the latest crazy Postie Patrol up. It’s a riot. PPP are the folks who put the fun in ads on blogs.

They showed up in frigid Chicago and issued a challenge to Robyn. She had to collect a bunch of photos and videos with an HP camera. Up for grabs was a sweet HP camera/printer/all the trimmings package plus a cool thousand bucks! Did she win? I’m not telling. You’ll have to watch and find out.

Rockstartup complete

I’ll post it here when I have the last piece.
rockstartup 1

Well, all the opps are now taken, and Colleen won! Congrats, Colleen. Long may you reign as the PPP Poster Girl!

Cascade 220 Superwash

pink cascade superwash
I have 4 2 (as of February 2008) balls of this, at 220 yards each. This is color number 834, a lovely rich pink. It came home to me on the 19th, courtesy of my personal shopper, Mama, and was one of two choices she brought for DD#5’s stocking. This will not be the stocking, however I am sure I’ll find another use for it.

Yes, this is the new basket I told you about last night.

Now, some of you may be here looking for a picture of a different sort. Because I am a tricky, albeit fun-loving person, I am hiding this piece of the rockstartup puzzle with yarn. Muhahahahahahah!
rockstartup puzzle 07

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Closing in!

Eight of the hat [tag]ornaments[/tag] are now done, leaving just me and DH to go. I’ll probably do those tomorrow, but if I get a wild hair, I’ll start the stocking instead. Of course, I have to give you yarn pics first before I start, now don’t I?

I got a new [tag]knitting basket[/tag] today. The rest of the family can share the fruit and such that came in it, but the basket is mine. It’s pretty, too, a nice dark wood. I’ll use it tomorrow for the yarn pics, so you can enjoy it with me. It came from My DFIL and his wife.

What will they break next?

I’m talking about my children, of course. They have decimated my mini-blinds. I took them all down, except for the girls bedroom and the living room. They all like to see out (of course), but instead of raising the blinds, they separate them, and this causes the slats to break.

What I’d really like to do is replace them with some wood blinds or some nice shades. Do you think that those might fare a little better with little hands attached to curious eyes?

Christmas Play Part I – Ready, Set, Go

So, we had the Christmas play last Sunday night, and four of my children were in it. First up was my 5 year old. He had a short speaking part, which he delivered very well, clearly and loudly enough to hear.

And then all the children sang a couple of songs. Ds was third from the end. The child on the end took off and started running laps around the stage. And then the next child did likewise. DS looked at them, looked back at the audience and sang a few words, looked back at them, looked back at the audience, and then he was gone! Too Funny!
DSCF0190 DSCF0191 DSCF0192


I got tagged with a meme over on Musings, and I got reminded doing that meme, how much I used to enjoy riding motorcycles with my dad. Daddy was never a big talker when I was at home, though he does talk a lot more now. Riding was something we could do together that was fun for both of us, but did not require conversation.

Riding a motorcycle was naturally easy for me, but man, he hated taking my mom, because she was so tense on the back of the bike that it made the motorcycle hard to control. He always insisted that we wear a motorcycle helmet when we were on the bike, and I have never seen him on a bike without one, either.

Man, I miss that. I think the last time I went I was pregnant with DS#1, so more than 8 years. Daddy gave up his motorcycle endorsement not too long after that. On days like today………I could really use a ride, nothing to talk about, nothing to think, just the noise of the road in my head, and nothing else matters.

Halfway there!

I just put the tag in the 5th Christmas ornament. I may make it after all. It’s just the 19th (haha) and I have just 5 more ornaments plus a stocking to go (haha). If life did not keep getting in the way of the knitting………..

However, today the vet is coming out to put my dog down, and I am trying to make child-care arrangements for when my Grandmother passes as well, so I just don’t know how much knitting is going to get done.

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