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Merry Christmas

tree and stockings

I made it!

I finished DD#5’s stocking in the wee hours of this morning. Then I went to bed where I was punched, kicked and otherwise pummeled by DS#3. Boys and Girls, if I don’t get some sleep, and soon, things could get pretty messy.

I’ll have a pic for you soon. In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

A little of this and a little of that

I just got through cleaning the kitchen counters. One of my older daughters helped me, one was gone to see her boyfriend and one sat on her lazy butt watching tv. I did tell her that I was making note in my book of lists that her sister was helping me while she sat on her tail, and she continued to sit. Lazy thing.

Well, ok, actually I just got through eating a sandwich for supper, which the helping daughter fixed for me after we finished the counters.

I went to see Grandmother with Mama this afternoon/evening, which trip I had forgotten I was going to take. When we got there, she was in the room where the inmates (ha) who need help eating are fed. She was trembling with cold, so Mama and I put blankets on her to warm her up. I fed her her supper when they finally brought the food. It just breaks my heart that my grandmother needs to be fed her meals. They had served hamburgers, and I looked at that, and went to the dining room and asked for the alternate. It was a pot pie, and she ate all of that. We have told them repeatedly that she is just not a sandwich person. And, besides, how do you feed someone a hamburger? She’s not gonna open her mouth for that to fit in there. Dingbats.

Her arm is very sore for some reason. In fact she spoke three times tonight, and two of them were ooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww when her arm was moved. She had a bruise on her elbow, a sore on her knee, and a large bruise on her shin. She bruises easily, very easily, and always has for as far back as I can remember, but how in the tarnation is she banging into stuff when she can’t move herself? The obvious answer is that someone is not taking proper care with her, and Lord help them if I find out who.

So, left to do before we can celebrate Christmas:
sweep kitchen, clean microwave (these will be assigned to Miss Lazy)
tidy the living room
finish the tree

HAHA, joke’s on me: The festivites are due to start around 2 tomorrow, and we are going to church in the morning.

Oh, and then there is the food to prepare for the family party tomorrow night. Good thing I have such an awesome DH, I’ll tell him what I need done, and he’ll corral most of the kids into the doing of it, while the other kids and I are prepping food in the kitchen.

Christmas Play Part II

After the little ones were done, the bigger kids took the stage. Here are some shots from that.
DSCF0196 DSCF0199

My three (DD#3, DS#1 and DS#2) were all in the manger scene at the end of the play. Here are some photos of them, with rest of the manger scene players.

DSCF0212DSCF02133 together

And here’s a shot that scares me to death. It’s DD#3, looking entirely too grown up, along with her brothers.


Knitted Ornaments

knitted ornaments 2

Here are the 10 finished toboggan ornaments. They were made with a variety of worsted weight yarns on size 8 DPNs.

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Plymouth Encore

plymouth encore 448
This is color 448, and I will be using it for DD#5’s Christmas stocking. There are 4 balls of it, and it will take most of it to do the stocking, I think.

2 balls left as of 1/20/2007
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Left to do

Before Sunday, I need to clean my entire house, and crochet DD#5’s stocking. Like the Little Engine That Could, my motto has become “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” The ornaments are all done (yay!!) and I am working on the stocking now.

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