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PPP has just launched a new [tag]video series[/tag], called [tag]RockStartup[/tag]. It’s a weekly web reality show detailing the adventures of the PPP folks as they grow this company. There are 2 episodes up already. You can also get some background info on all the players there.

Mike Arrington at [tag]Techcrunch[/tag] (not linking, you’ll have to google if you wanna read his tripe) is already all over it, and you can read my views on him here.

I’m not too big on reality tv, and don’t even watch [tag]The Amazing Race[/tag] anymore, but these are fairly short, less than 10 minutes, so I can sit through them. It is kinda cool to see what goes on to make this company happen.

Interesting to me is the attitudes of the team members. I have never seen, either in this show, or in my interactions with them in other venues, a bad attitude. It’s always a spirit of “we can do it”, and “we’ll work around it”. It goes directly against what I see in a lot of people in this age bracket, and that’s pretty refreshing. “This age bracket”. Lord help me, I’ve become on old fogey. Pass me a cane, I have clearly entered my dotage. Must be time for [tag]Geritol[/tag].**

**Ha, my spell checker doesn’t even recognize the word Geritol. Guess I’m older than I thought!

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