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PPP aquires Google

Ok, ok, I’m just kidding. For now. What they have acquired, or will be acquiring, is Performancing. Not the Firefox plug-in, but, [tag]Performancing[/tag] Metrics and Performancing Exchange. I have used the Metrics in the past for this site, but I did not find it very useful, so I stopped.

I like to know where visitors come from, as it helps me plan content to better serve the knitting community, and [tag]Performancing Metrics[/tag] did not provide that, or if they did, I couldn’t find it. Additionally, I found it hard to get to the info on my site. I have the plug-in, and you can use that to see a little bit, but you have to log into the site to get much more than a chart with today’s visits. The info was buried under so many links that I could never remember how to get there. As for [tag]Performancing Exchange[/tag], that was just too confusing to me to even check out thoroughly.

However, I know the “code monkeys” at [tag]PPP[/tag] are very responsive to user needs, so I am sure these two apps will benefit from the expertise offered by Pete’s team. Myself, I am looking forward to what these guys who brought blog advertising to regular bloggers like me can do with these goodies to make them just as accessible to those who didn’t graduate yesterday with a degree in computerese.

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