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Life Coaching

“Applying just one extra degree of temperature to water means the difference between something that is simply very hot and something that generates enough force to power a steam engine.”

That’s pretty simple isn’t it? It’s so simple that I find it easy to forget that sometimes just a little bit more effort will make the world of difference in whether or not I accomplish my [tag]goals[/tag]. Personally, I am a planner. Thats’ my gift, [tag]organizing[/tag]. But if I plan how to do whatever it is I am wanting to do, and yet fail to act upon the plan, I’m just not going to be very successful.

[tag]Action International[/tag] has built up a group of [tag]life coach[/tag]es to help people overcome just such stagnation.

One of the purposes of our Life Coaching Program is to mentor our clients to internally define and take ownership of the most fundamental principle behind achieving life results beyond their expectations – a simple idea – an actionable idea.

Our program is not only a message of action – it’s a message of persistent and additional action – the continual application of heat (effort) to whatever task or activity you undertake in order to achieve not only the primary objective you seek, but to reap the exponential rewards that are possible by applying one extra degree of effort.

You can read a bio of a coach, and then keep right on reading. When you are done, they’ll be waiting for you. E-mail for more information about the certified professional and accredited coaching programs. The Coaching Resource Center can also be reached by calling toll free 888 847-7052.

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