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~planning for 2006

I’m deleting this as a page, so I am making a post of it to save it for posterity.

Bold indicates finished items

*Dulaan gets wool leftovers (Nov 2005-Mar)
*Afghans for Afghans gets leftovers (April-Sept)
*maintain 2 out/1 in stash management until I have 100 balls or less
*keep a small(accessory-ish), medium(sweater-ish), large(blanket-ish), hsy, others and self going (ball for each category in basket)

*girl layette-blanket, hat, sweater, pants
*Things for family members-continue rotation, youngest to oldest

    DD#5-3 hats, blanket/ sweater/hat/pants, dress and hat, socks
    DD#4-opal dress, sweater, mittens, socks
    DS#3-mittens, socks, hat, sweater
    DS#2-mittens, socks, hat, sweater
    DS#1-mittens, socks, hat, sweater
    DD#3-sweater, socks, crusher hat, poncho, gauntlets
    DD#2-sweater-cardigan in serenade and pima silk, socks, crusher hat, toboggan, gauntlets
    DD#1-sweater, socks, crusher hat
    DH-socks and ??, sweater Encore Color 7009
    Me-finish in progress sweaters (lace and dune), socks, socks, socks, socks, pink shawl

*White Christmas things (I�ll do this as I work through the family rotation) crusher hats, lap robes, felted slippers

    DD#4 crusher hat in TLC Cara Mia
    DD#3 flat knot scarf in TLC Cara Mia
    DD#2 flat knot scarf in burgundy bamboo and woolease

*Squares blanket for DD#1

    (need 800 yards x 4 solids and 2400 yards variegated)

*Wild Cherry tee in Cherry Tree Hill (best friend jacket?)
*2 sets for Santa Train
*2 gift shawls-Linda and Sue
*sweater for SIL
*crusher hats for family ladies Christmas presents

*learn cables
*learn mittens
*all that felted stuff I’ve been meaning to do-mitts, fuzzy feet, buttonhole bag, baby shoes, etc
*poncho thing for me, tightknit at top and yoke, looser going down
*any carryovers from 2005

    sweater for Dune collar
    sweater concept
    my lace sweater

*blanket from 99 knit stitches book
*scrap throw from non-wool leftovers

*puzzle for dh

Goals for 2007

I am keeping my knitting goals simple this year.

  • finish all my current WIPs
  • make my swallowtail shawl
  • make one other shawl for a Christmas gift
  • continue my gratitude knitting
  • knitted ornaments, of course. I’ll use the same yarns I used for the toboggans

Also, finish the stash page.
The FO page for 2007 will have a different look as well, as I plan to use thumbnails instead of large pics on it.

Have socks, will watch

It will be here before you know it. I hope you are getting ready. Got your sweatshirt? I wore mine out, and should ask my uncle to pick me up another one. I have socks though, and I’ll wear them this year. I forgot last year, and what happened was a terrible tragedy. I’m talking about last year’s March Madness, of course, when my beloved [tag]Tarheels[/tag] failed to advance to the finals. No, I’m not so lucky as to score NCAA Final Four Tickets but that doesn’t mean I don’t watch. In my [tag]UNC[/tag] socks!



I have 4 balls of this left. It’s acrylic for making hats for the midwife. I haven’t made any in quite awhile, but I am hopeful to need to make more sometime in 2007. I also put leftover acrylics from other projects in this pile.[tags]stash, yarn, acrylic[/tags]

Not Shopped out?

I know a lot of you got gift cards for Christmas. Some of you probably used them already. But some of you are busy, like me, and haven’t gotten around to that yet. Don’t forget to check for Online Coupons to make those gifts go farther. is updated with fresh coupons daily, and they have a good selection. The site is clean and easy to navigate, and it’s right here in North Carolina. From Amazon Deals to Zappos coupons, they’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the site for plenty of local flavor. There are articles and event calendars, and lots of other goodies.

Not too early

I know Christmas is barely over, and in fact not over for many, including me, but if you have a teen daughter, it’s not too early to be thinking about prom dresses and gowns. I really was blessed when DD#1 went to the prom. We found the perfect dress for her on clearance for 30 bucks. It was a very classically cut gown that worked very well for her body type, and the color was a stunning claret that shimmered to almost-black as the fabric moved. We accessorized with austrian crystals, and she was a beautiful. Looks just like her mother, you know 😉

I always think classic is better than trendy, and she shares similar taste in clothes for special occasions. It was a pleasant experience for us to shop together, and she definitely looked better than the many girls who wanted to see just how little dress they could get away with. Very Monroe-esque. Really. I have pictures to prove it.


Sorry I’ve been a little lax yesterday and today with the knitting content. I’m still working on the socks for [tag]Grandmother[/tag]. It’s bittersweet. We just found out that Grandmother has [tag]Organic Brain Syndrome[/tag]. By the time I get these [tag]socks[/tag] finished, she won’t even realize what I’ve done. Heck, she may not even realize who I am. I should have finished them months ago.

PPP aquires Google

Ok, ok, I’m just kidding. For now. What they have acquired, or will be acquiring, is Performancing. Not the Firefox plug-in, but, [tag]Performancing[/tag] Metrics and Performancing Exchange. I have used the Metrics in the past for this site, but I did not find it very useful, so I stopped.

I like to know where visitors come from, as it helps me plan content to better serve the knitting community, and [tag]Performancing Metrics[/tag] did not provide that, or if they did, I couldn’t find it. Additionally, I found it hard to get to the info on my site. I have the plug-in, and you can use that to see a little bit, but you have to log into the site to get much more than a chart with today’s visits. The info was buried under so many links that I could never remember how to get there. As for [tag]Performancing Exchange[/tag], that was just too confusing to me to even check out thoroughly.

However, I know the “code monkeys” at [tag]PPP[/tag] are very responsive to user needs, so I am sure these two apps will benefit from the expertise offered by Pete’s team. Myself, I am looking forward to what these guys who brought blog advertising to regular bloggers like me can do with these goodies to make them just as accessible to those who didn’t graduate yesterday with a degree in computerese.

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