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the last word

on [tag]plastic surgery[/tag] for awhile. I still don’t understand this whole concept of [tag]staying young[/tag] forever. What’s the point? Nonetheless, Toronto plastic surgery is more than ready to assist Canadians in the quest for eternal youth.

Speak like a Geek!

My friend Colleen has launched a new [tag]tech blog[/tag]. I’m telling you about it because she writes Geek Speak in a way that even I understand. I gotta say, when she put it in her sig, I didn’t visit right away, because I am so not into techtalk. I just don’t get it, ykwim?

Well, that’s changed, and GeekySpeaky will be a regular on my [tag]internet[/tag] stopping list. Someone else mentioned what a great thing she had going, so I had to pop over to see what was going on. I’m just nosy like that!

She thoroughly explains the things she posts about, rather than assuming the reader knows how to do stuff. And without insulting your intelligence. I give her 8 thumbs up. I had to borrow some from the kids to do that, but she deserves them.

Here’s an excerpt from her first post:

Why Geeky Speaky? Because this will cover all things [tag]geek[/tag], and in simple speak. Err…speaky. I’ve been on the internet since 1997 and I know enough to get by without asking for help too often….This blog will focus on technical issues, but I promise not to bore you to death. There will be [tag]software reviews[/tag] and advice, notes on new platforms of software being released, tips in blog and internet marketing, as well as discussion on search engine optimization and upping your pagerank. I’m not an expert on any of those things by a long shot, but we’re all here to learn together.

Gift Baskets

For several years now, my father-in law has sent us gift baskets from different companies at Christmas. They are always a real treat! We like to use the goodies holiday gift baskets as a munchy type breakfast on Christmas morning. I am especially thrilled to get them, because I get to say, “look, another knitting basket.” Seriously, the baskets are so sturdy compared to what I can find in the stores. They are perfect for knitting. The white basket you see most often here is one of the holiday gift baskets we received from him.

Knit Hat

I worked on the [tag]Dulaan[/tag] hat today, as I said I would. I am just about ready to decrease the crown on that. Tomorrow, I’ll pick the [tag]lace[/tag] dress up again. I’ll probably spend a few days on it now. I’d like to get the skirt done through the rest of this week. Then I need to pick up Granny’s stole again, before I find myself in a time crunch on it. That would really make me mad.

Ponce Awon a time

when you left town for a day or two, you asked your neighbor to look after our pets. My aunt gets a sitter when she leaves her dog for a day. Not a 24 hour day mind you, just the day. Apparently no one has neighbors that they know anymore, because the dog kennel has become all the rage.

Does this say more about the way we are treating our dogs or the way we are treating our neighbors?

Knitted Flamingo Dress

Please ignore the mess. We’re working on it.


It took about a ball and a half of Opal flamingo to make this, so I have plenty lefty for matching socks :)


If you like to follow the fashion trends, you might want to check out designer clothing consignment. They are soliciting articles in some categories, and have information on some of the hot brands. The site looks like it’s just getting started. I’m assuming that eventually they will sell used designer duds. I won’t be doing any shopping there, because I have yet to see a major designer make clothes for SHORT PEOPLE like me. But looking is free, and not everyone is my size :) Some of you have excess height, I know.

les villa de maladie

Sunday night, as I was ready to head to bed, DD#3 got up not feeling well. DS#1 woke up puny this morning. And DS#2 is now up sick, just as I was heading to bed. I’m beginning to think this is a vast conspiracy designed to see if I really need sleep to survive, and just how much I can miss before I drop in my tracks. Combined with my sleepless weekend, this is just. not. good. people. Just not good at all.

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