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Oh, poop!

I made a mistake in the [tag]lace[/tag] dress. I made this mistake about 4 inches down. It’s an entire extra row of knitting, where I forgot to flip the counter and should have done a lace round but didn’t. Sigh. Cry. Moan. Can I forget [tag]knitting[/tag] and just go to bed? I don’t know what I’m going to do about it, since it’s several days of work later. I’ve got a call in to the midwife to see if perfection or timeliness is her top priority.[tags]lace knitting[/tags]

Let your 80’s geek out!

Remember [tag]Frogger[/tag]? Pacman? Super Mario Brothers? You know, those games you played at the roller rink? They’re back again, right on the internet! You can play [tag]free games online[/tag] and relive your [tag]lost youth[/tag]. Or introduce your kiddos to yesteryear :) These are classics, the games you and I grew up with. And the best part? They’re still fun. And I still suck at Frogger. Let’s play anyway!
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Tada! Dulaan Set!

knitted_dulaan_set.jpgHere is the [tag]Dulaan[/tag] set on my favorite 2 year old model. It was made with [tag]Cascade 220[/tag] and a self patterning [tag]sock yarn[/tag] whose name I forget. I have no idea what I’ll make when I pick up the [tag]gratitude knitting[/tag] again. I do know that I need to mail out the [tag]Santa Train[/tag] stuff shortly. Yes, go ahead and click it, it will get bigger. :)

Did she make it?

That would be no. But I am decreasing the crown now :) I may go ahead and take a bit of time and wrap this up tomorrow. I hate to leave it when it’s so close. For now, it’s close to 2AM and I need to take my sick, head-achy self to bed.


Ok, funniest [tag]Christmas memory[/tag] ever was the year one of my Christmas Elves, aka DD#2, broke the tree! She leaned over in the glider rocker to pick up a toy that the baby had dropped, over went the chair, over went the tree, and both of them were ruined. We just were kinda shell shocked, and her eyes were as big as saucers. I think she thought we were gonna throw her in the garbage with the broken [tag]Christmas tree[/tag], LOL! Thankfully, this happened after [tag]Christmas[/tag] and not before. We pulled the ornaments off, quite hurriedly, and replaced the tree the next year with a pre-lighted model.


Nope, not yet, but soon :) I’ll be picking up the little gratitude hat this evening when I start pumping. I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’ll get it finished tonight. I’m feeling puny, and probably will go to bed earlier than usual. I have a half inch to go before I can decrease the crown. I know, I know. Pictures, not excuses. I’m working on it. Really.[tags] knitting, dulaan[/tags]


Ooh, here’s a website I’ll be checking out throughly! Free Car Classifieds is a classified listing for autos, and it’s searchable by make, model, year, and state! They also have reviews and links to helpful articles.

You can list your car for free, with up to 10 pictures and unlimited text. And the listing stays active until your auto is sold.

I’ll definitely be scoping this site out to see what they have available in my area. I’ve got a little money in paypal now, and …….man, wouldn’t a new ride be sweet for Christmas? Yeah, I think so, too. I wonder how much wrapping paper it would take to wrap this?


I went to take a picture for you tonight, and discovered that DD#1 had used up all the battery juice yesterday when she took the camera. I have them charging now, but you may get here before they are done. The skirt is now 7 inches, on the way to 9. This is the last picture I took:
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