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Pick me! Kids, Porn, Christmas and Videos!

Ooooh, I want that [tag]camera[/tag], that cool SIX MEGAPIXEL [tag]digital camera[/tag] from [tag]HP[/tag]! Why?

mlicense.jpg sleepingbaby.jpg
Because I have the cutest kids ever! And moments like these deserve to be captured in 6 MP.
Moments like these deserve a decent zoom.

I want a new HP camera so I can take videos! PPP is about to buy me a new ride, and I want to show it off in grand style. I want to be a catfeesh, too. Can’t do that with what I have now. Ted, you’ve been asking me to do it. You make it sound like you mean anypostie, but I know you really want me to take that opp, so you can hear me say “catfish” in my southern accent!

I want that new camera, so I can do better [tag]yarn porn[/tag]. Just imagine this:

crisp enough to taste the textures. Blow it up, and you could just roll all in it. Ummm, yes, yarn porn!

I want a new camera, because I want to work on my [tag]photography[/tag] skills, and any hobby is more fun with better equipment. HP offers free photography classes and awesome tips.

I want a new camera, because I’d really like to get a memory card for each of the older children for Christmas, and let them start using the one I have.

I want that new camera because……I can ask for it, so I am!

How can you say “no” to a face like this:
Yeah, ok, it’s not my face. But I looked just like that 36 years ago! And I bet that sweet HP will let me take decent self-portraits, won’t it? It will probably make me look like that again, too!

This post was brought to you by HP.

checking my feed reader

nothing to see here, move along

Toilet Paper Escapades

So, DD#1 says to DD#4, “go get some [tag]toilet paper[/tag] so we can blow your nose”. And so DD#4 does. She goes into the bathroom, grabs some toilet paper, and walks back through the bathroom, my bedroom and into the living room, with the toilet paper still attached to the roll. I have a video, but it’s in the camera, not on the card, and I can’t find the cord to download it.

That’s today’s [tag]cute kid[/tag] moment. So, if you come over here and my house is a mess: I have little people. We live here, and we laugh here. Alot.[tags]humor[/tags]

Singer meets City

[tag]Damon Gough[/tag], whom you may know better as Badly Drawn Boy has done a piece on [tag]Manchester[/tag]. Badly Drawn Boy at CNN’s The Scene is part of an ongoing series combining celebrities with major cities. From the ball game to the BeeGees, he’s telling what makes Manchester special. The clip is short, but there’s more to explore on the page, so don’t stop at the video.

No Knitting

I have no knitting to report because I’ve spent the weekend playing at the family reunion. A good time was had by all, including me, me, and me! I’ll have something to show you, or at least something to talk more about, soon.

I have no fun kid stuff to report, because I mostly left them at home.


There’s just something about [tag]jewelry[/tag] that makes me fell like a girrrrl. I don’t wear a whole lot of it, but I do wear my diamonds and sapphires. I have on my left hand my wedding set, which is small as the world of [tag]diamonds[/tag] go, but it’s the one I liked and wanted, so it’s the one we got.

On my right is my diamond anniversary ring and a sapphire and diamond chip band. I wear those on the same finger, because I’ve never gotten around to getting the sapphire one re-sized and that’s the only finger it fits on.

I have a pair of sapphire earrings I wear all the time, and my only other permanent jewelry is a necklace with a diamond heart pendent and a sapphire pendant. My dad bought me all the sapphires in the Bahamas, except the ring, which my husband bought. Dh also bought all the diamonds. We joke about it, because every time I’ve had a boy, I’ve gotten jewelry either before or after from him. It’s totally been a timing accident, because we didn’t know what we were having.

I think the only other piece of jewelry I want, diamond or otherwise, is a [tag]tennis bracelet[/tag]. [tag]Christmas[/tag] is coming, and that would knock my socks off! Of course, I know myself, and if I get that, I’ll want something else down the road. It’ll take a couple years to figure out what, but it’ll happen, LOL!

Dear Santa, Abazias Diamonds features over 80,000 loose diamonds and a wide selection of jewelry at wholesale prices. Please check them out, and leave some bling!bling! in my stocking.

And she said….

I know you’ve just standing by your computers waiting to hear, so:

I am very pleased to announce that the midwife said KNIT ON. I’ll be alternating the dress with Granny’s stole until one of them is done. I think I might have said that already, but now I mean it. For sure :) Unless I do something different. Which is always a possibility.


Sometimes I wonder how I ever got to be this old without realizing certain things. Like the fact that there are products designed to take care of leather furniture. I mean, I’ve just never really thought about it, but leather furniture needs to be cared for properly to maintain it beauty and suppleness, and that includes cleaning with a proper leather cleaner, and not just an occasional dusting.

I love the look, feel and smell of leather furniture, and one day, I’ll have some again. And I’ll know how to take care of it so that it’s beauty will remain unfaded by time, thanks to the fine folks at MetroGuardian.

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