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Here it is, just reduced from 216 to 126 stitches!

It feels good to finally get this far. It should go quicker now, since there are fewer stitches. But there’s a new [tag]lace[/tag] pattern to memorize for the top, and it’s not quite as simple as the skirt.[tags]lace knitting, knitted lace[/tags]Yes, click it :)

On my “One Day List”

I really need to make a category to hold things like this, and I’ll probably think of one while I am typing this post, just so that when life gets calm (haha) I can gather all the really cool ideas I had when I was too busy to do them, and get inspired.

On to the point: One day I’d like to do a [tag]themed Christmas tree[/tag]. Each year, I think about it, and each year decide that I like the photo-riffic tree I have. But one year, perhaps I’ll have 2 trees, and I could do it then.

I did notice last year than my wreaths are starting to look kinda beat up, so maybe I’ll do a new one this year. I’d like to do a beach one, like I described a while back, using shells. Hmm, I happen to already be planning a trip to ACMoore this weekend. Perhaps I can pick up the [tag]wreath[/tag] base and ribbon then, eh?

Oh, yeah, that reminds me! Mama?? We’re going to [tag]ACMoore[/tag] Sunday night: it’s moonlight madness, and I need wreath stuff and yarn.

Baby Gifts

How many times have you looked for the perfect baby gift? I like to give hand knitted things of course, but sometimes the babies come so quickly one right after another that I don’t get the chance to do that, so I’m stuck looking for something else, and these Baby Gift Baskets certainly fill the bill! These are unique baby gifts, and oh, so cute!

If the real estate keywords are “location, location, location”, then the baby gift key words are presentation, presentation, presentation”. I oughta know, right? These are creative baby gift baskets, and you can find a baby boy gift or a baby girl gift, just using the menu in the sidebar.

How cute is this Welcome Wagon set? It includes a classic radio flyer wagon (you know I love classics), an embroidered terry velour bib, a terry washcloth, hat, pacifier, rattle, brush & comb set, fork & spoon, teething keys, plush teddy bear and another toy.

These personalized gifts are awesome, too! Those would be good for baby’s first birthday. Yes, I know everyone “knows” what they are having and picks out a name, but sometimes you get surprised (ask me how I know) or the name doesn’t fit the baby’s personality. Or you just don’t have a name yet (ask me how I know).

The site offers free gift wrapping if your order is over $50, and they ship by UPS, so your gift is trackable :) Searching by boy or girl, and narrowing the choices down by price means that this site is a winner. What in the world are you waiting for, an announcement? You aren’t getting one today, so you’ll just have to shop for somebody else this time, LOL! I know you are all waiting and counting on hearing something soon, but you’ll just have to stew awhile longer. When the time comes though, be sure and remember this site 😉

ACMoore Ad

I’m chuckling. I looked at the ACMoore ad after I decided I needed to buy yarn, and what to my wondering eyes did appear?? A moonlight madness night, where everything is 25% off. It’s this Sunday night, so if you have a store near year, write it down on your calendar! And if you are local to me, I’ll probably see you there :)

Getting Serious

Well, I think I’ve officially moved from thinking about a new-to-me vehicle to actually looking at/for them. Lemonfree has added some information to their used cars listings that I find very helpful. Fuel economy, crash test ratings, and recall information is now available on the listings, and these things will help me make up my mind about which van to get.

I’ve previously owned a Dodge Caravan, a Ford Aerostar and a Chevy Astro, all of which have given me good service. Since I can use the search to narrow my results to North Carolina, I ought to be able to find something pretty easily.

But, yes, I’ll take your hot tips, too :)


Gotta buy [tag]yarn[/tag]–must get the stuff for DD#5s stocking, and also the [tag]crusher hats[/tag] I promised to produce for the [tag]Chinese Christmas[/tag] thing we do. Also, December will be for [tag]Christmas knitting[/tag], I guess. I think I’m making either sweaters or mittens for ornaments this year. Perhaps I’ll pick up the [tag]wool[/tag] for that, and then use the extra for [tag]Dulaan[/tag] knitting.

To all you [tag]perverts[/tag] looking for “kids porn”– you’re not quite getting what you came for are you? Go crawl in a corner and cry about it. Here’s some wool to dry your tears.

Old Favorites Found

If you are anywhere near as tired as I am right now, then you may be interested in [tag]N101 Nutrition[/tag]. This site is your one-stop shop natural skin care, beauty, vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition. They offer volume discounts in additional to already low prices, and they also have free shipping on many items.

I really like this site because they carry a great selection of [tag]Burt’s Bees[/tag] at good prices. That’s one of my favorite companies, and it’s hard to find here, and when I can get it, it’s spendy. They also have [tag]Kiss My Face[/tag], which I used with great success long ago and far away, but can’t find now *anywhere*.

I can’t be the only one who can’t find what they want locally, so be sure to check here for your old favorites, too. Not all of us live in major metropolitan areas, you know 😉

So Close!

I have 20 centimeters out of 22 needed on the skirt of the [tag]lace[/tag] dress. That’s about 2 more repeats of the lace pattern, I think. I’m getting excited, because on the last round of the skirt, I decrease to less than half of the number of stitches I have now. Expect a picture SOON!

I’m also getting pretty close on Granny’s stole! It’s a trip going from 4s to 8s and back again, LOL![tags]knitted lace, knit[/tags]

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