sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Conflicts in 101

#1 become regular about church attendance again: (if Sunday mornings are not going to work for me, fine, but get back in to the habit of church once a week)

I did start going to church again,only to discover Sunday night preaching was pretty much non-existent. I’ll be going to a new church started by the old pastor effective last Sunday night (you read about it). There will only be Sunday morning services for now, so I will GET UP, GET PUMPED AND GET GONE.I refuse to starve myself to spiritual death anymore. It makes for a very nasty me.

#2 Use up my current stash of 219 balls of yarn. 16+13+11+11+7

doing ok here, slow and steady wins the race

#3 play 143 games with my children

am trying to do more with the children. I did institute weekly movie night for the family, but this was hindered by DD#1’s job, and pretty much totalled by scouts. Must find a workable alternative.

#4 visit Grandmother weekly

In the on-going saga of southern-woman-wife-daughter-mother-guilt, I just need to take a moment to point out that while I have been ferrying my kids around to all these activities, I haven’t been to see Grandmother in at least 10 days. Have no idea how to fix this. At what point does our obligation to the generation we gave birth too overshadow the obligation to the generations without which we would not exist? Where do they intersect? Is there a balance, and where do I find it?

#5 write in each kids journal once a month

Yeah, right. Sorely lacking in this regard. Sigh. It’s important to me. Must fix this, and sooner rather than later.

#6 read 33 books, not counting the Bible

5 down, 28 to go, couple in progress

#7 do something with my mom 33 times, not counting visiting Grandmother

I think this is going ok, even though a couple of times, I’ve just visited with her at her house.

#8 make 33 pairs of socks

5 down, 28 to go, several in progress

#9 make 33 hats items for charity

This has become knit 3 days for charity each month, and it’s going just fine.

#10 bake something 33 times, and birthday cakes don�t count (editing this: birthday cakes DO count, and so does allowing the children to bake BUT. I can only count it once a month)

Good thing DD#3 loves to bake, so I can count this as going fine

Ok, that’s update one! Expect more when you see them, LOL!

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