sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

3rd 101 update

#11 use my breadmaker 33 times


#12 be consistent about bre*st exams


#13 paint my fingernails 33 times

not as bad as the other two, but, no, not really

#14 toenails, too

umm, not going so well

#15 use that giant bathtub for a bubble bath-33 times

in my free time? The first thing to get ditched when I’m pressed for time is stuff for myself.

#16 do something with my dad 15 times

This could be a lot better. He’s working like a fiend as mentioned previously. I suppose if sitting on his couch counts, we’re doing ok.

#17 go out with my husband 15 times, like no kids, and out, o-u-t

hahahaha,noone will watch the kids. I hope he doesn’t die before we see each other again.

#18 do 6 Bible studies

started one

#19 read through the Bible twice, from a real one, not on-line, and let my kids see me doing it

just not going real well at all. I want the kids to see me doing it, so they can have the example. But…, am I on the fly when they are awake. It’s late evening before I get settled and calm. I have been listening to some on iTunes, but need to bump this up a notch. Or maybe 8.

#20 memorize Corinthians 13

yeah, right

I guess this update was a little snappy. I really do hate owning up to my own failures.

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