sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


I finally ended up calling tech support last night, after dealing with a flaky internet connection for a few weeks. It’s nice not to worry if the connection is going to go down just as I hit “publish”.

Consequently, there was no knitting, since I spent my prime yarn time playing with the modem, router, and cables, and trying to make myself understood. Maybe today.

I had fun at scouts last night. I covered telephone manners and 911. I played it like Deal or No Deal, like so: Mom’s taking a nap and you are hungry– 911 or Grandma? There’s a dog in the yard and you are scared– 911 or Dad?� They had fun with it, and hopefully the lessons will stick. One thing that was interesting: I took in play phones to practice on. These kids had honestly never seen a rotary dial phone!! I literally had to show them how to use one.

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