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Hey ya’ll!

You MUST see this. Ted is smacking Colleen down, and calls me by name! Turn up your volume, and click. No, this is NOT a sponsored post!

Some more coupons for you!

Here’s another site for coupon codes for you, and it’s a goodie! The site is very easy to navigate, so you can find the [tag]coupons[/tag] you need, when you need them, instead of later (haven’t we all done that?). Best of all, [tag]NCNatural’s Adventure Resources[/tag] is updated daily with offers from a wide variety of merchants. Ok, that’s just the next best thing. The truly best thing is that they are local, LOL. That NC stands for [tag]North Carolina[/tag] :) How cool is that??

If you are looking for electronics, try these coupons for [tag]Etronics[/tag]. If you need baby things, here’s a coupon for [tag]BabyUniverse[/tag]. Why are you still here? I’m done. Go [tag]shopping[/tag] already! Save some dough!

Work continues

on the stole, thanks for cheering me on with that! I really hope to finish by Sunday night, so when I pick up the ornament and stocking yarn, I can get started on those. I’ll post an inches update tomorrow, I think. Maybe we’ll all be shocked!

Would this be a business expense?

If I do [tag]custom knitting[/tag] for money (and I do), and my hands are painfully arthritic (and they are), is the purchase of a [tag]hot tub[/tag] for soothing my joints tax-deductible? Because these pools at Blue World Pools website look sweet. Especially right now, when I am tired, and still have miles to go. Blue World Pools is a one stop operation including sales, financing, installation, and service. They’ve sold and installed over 35,000 above ground [tag]swimming pool[/tag]s/hot tubs. Surely we could work something out, don’t you think?


DD#5 is getting too big for her britches. She just pulled herself up to a standing position, and then screamed bloody murder for someone to come help her back down. I laughed my head off! How high can she really think she is? On the floor and all! Miss Smarty Pants!

Can I get that to go?

Can I get insurance in the UK, and have it cover me here?? HUH?? Cause my insurance bill is due again, and it’s killing me. Choose insurance offers reviews of different insurance companies, including home, travel and [tag]car insurance[/tag]. Not just base rate comparisons, but details on how well each company stacks up in other areas, such a speed of claim handling and other customer service issues. They also offer free legal advice to people who have had their insurance claims declined or have been waiting an unreasonable amount of time to have their claim paid.

If I lived in the UK, I’d be on this like white on rice. Unfortunately the long distance fees would probably eat up my savings. Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and just pay the bill.

The Stole update

Ok, having reached a milestone on the lace dress, and with Christmas looming ever nearer, it’s time to do some work on the stole. It needs to be 60ish inches of hot pink goodness, and I currently have 49. It’s on size 8s, so that’s just a few days of concentrated effort. Cheering from the stands is much appreciated as I try to wrap this thing up. Like, umm, today and tomorrow would be good, since I still have to do the Christmas ornaments :)


Again with the ink. Didn’t I just order printer cartridges a few weeks ago? Between DH printing out his work stuff, and me with the patterns and school stuff, we go through those things like a kid goes through M&Ms. I need, the HP27 printer cartridge, and Inkers provides free shipping. They also offer discounts on larger purchases. Hmmmm, just how many should I get to ensure I don’t have to order again until this time next year???

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