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Puzzle piece 179

Here’s another piece of payperpostbluemonster for you. I know you can tell from my other posts that I am excited about this puzzle! I’d really like to win this thing, because it would put me much closer to being able to get a second vehicle for us. Of course, DH has warned me that the current car needs replacing, not just supplementing. I’m holding to my original goal, since trying to think about getting TWO cars would overwhelm my little brain. One at a time, thanks! I just love that blog marketing is going to pay for it!

Shut up you say? Show me the piece you say? Oh, ok fusspot, here it is:


Oh, I have to take DD#2 to scouts and do some shopping today: striking paper, etc. Don’t. want. to. I want to sit here and wait on puzzle pieces.� I am afraid I will miss them!

I also actually feel a little sick: headache, hot throat, etc. I just better not be getting sick!

Today is gratitude knitting day. I have that scarf going, of course. I suppose if DH can’t take DD to scouts, I’ll just sit in the car and knit while I wait. Hehe, maybe I’ll sit in the car pretending to knit, but nap instead.

Speaking of

puzzle pieces, here’s another one. Yes, I am listening to the podcast like I said I was going to. I can multi-task. Here’s piece number 141 of payperpostbluemonster. If you want to play you need to hurry. We’ve been told this puzzle will end on Sunday, so you may want to check out blog marketing sooner rather than later. Don’t forget to tell them I sent you by entering my email address in the referral field :)

You won’t believe this

but again, I have not knit all day. I will though, in a bit. Although, I guess that’s technically tomorrow. Hmm. Well, I did knit after midnight last night, does that count?

So, why didn’t I knit? Well, coupla reasons. First, I was doing some work over at Cass’s Other Blog. Then PPP let loose a slew of puzzle pieces, and I was trying to catch them all! I was quick, but I am afraid I was not quite quick enough :( We’ll see.

Now I am tired, but not ready for bed. I guess that’s good since I am hooked up to the pump, LOL! I think I’ll listen to a podcast and try to snag some more puzzle.

Puzzle Piece Again

Here’s another piece of the puzzle! Did I mention the pot is $500 this time for the postie who solves the puzzle? I’m collecting the pieces as they become available, and maybe I’ll have better luck this time. Ok, I’ll hush already and give you payperpostbluemonster piece 178:

Great Idea for blog marketing, guys!

Shamelessly Showing Off My Sons

2 scouts in hats

One scout in uniform

One scout to be

Wedding Planning

I’ve told you before that my mother planned my first wedding by herself, even having the first fitting done on my wedding dress. When I got home, I literally only had to have the final fitting and show up at the church. My second wedding I planned myself with the help of a handy-dandy 3×5 index card holder. This was a much more casual affair. Now not everyone does it that way when it comes to weddings, Wedding Strategies can walk you through the process, step by step.

The ceremony and reception page covers the gamut from the order of events to determining the style of wedding you prefer. The information on traditions is very nice and includes sections on Jewish and Italian customs, as well as info on that famous “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” Don’t like the traditional vows, but don’t know what to say? Here are poetry, quotes and vows to help you out. The fashion and beauty section includes articles on every member of the wedding party, from bridal make-up to groomsmen.

Ahhh, the honeymoon! Twice married, and never had one myself. Hmmph! If you don’t have to jump right back into real life the destinations here look wonderful. Don’t forget to plan your honeymoon well so you don’t forget the important stuff. Passports, anyone?

After the wedding and honeymoon, you’ll still have a couple of things that need to be done. Sending out thank you notes and changing your name will finish up the wedding business, so you can get on to being married.

For women, that generally means things like picking up socks from the floor by the hamper, and perhaps a bit of ironing. Make sure that the guy you choose has cool socks, and knows the virtues of permanent press clothing. I’m blessed that the pride I feel at being called Mrs. MyLastName makes up for any inconvenience these other issues may cause. Guess I chose wisely, eh?

No knitting

none today, so far.

Scouts was fun! I helped show the boys how to fold a flag, and !no red showed! when I was done. Then I got to have a moment wherein I explained just how it made me feel when I saw the flag on the FLOOR! Which moment led to a discussion of how to fix the problem, and the general consensus that we parents will get together and procure a flag more suitable in size for our sons than the ones they have now. And then after the meeting we walked out to find smaller flags in use by the older boys who were meeting. What the heck? It’s not the boy’s fault that the flags are dragging. They are simply too short to keep them off the floor. But when I see a flag on the floor…… says “I don’t care. I don’t care about this flag, and I don’t care about my country, and I don’t care that men bled and died so I could have the freedom to disrespect the flag. I just don’t care.” I’m a veteran. Sue me.

Ooooh, that was a wee little rant, now wasn’t it? Umm-hmmm.

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