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I rallied the troops, and we got this house mostly back together. Still gotta do quite a bit of laundry, and the kitchen needs more TLC, but it took us less than an hour to whip the rest of the place together.

Perhaps I’ll even get some actual knitting done today. Unless I try to catch up some sleep. DS#1 has scouts tonight as well, but that’s all I have on the agenda. And that’s a good thing, cause I am slap out of gas.

Contest Alert’s 2nd Annual Home Office From Hell contest will begin on October 23rd. To enter, you’ll need to list the top 10 reasons why you need to move out of your horrible home office . You can upload a video, too. The winner will get free office rent, and a trip to New York to have lunch with George Ross. He’s The Donald’s right hand man, you know. The The Home Office From Hell contest sounds like fun, but I am so not going to enter another contest this week. Check with me next month, LOL! But just because I’m not gonna doesnit mean you shouldn’t. Go for it. If you don’t want to meet George Ross, maybe you could take in a show instead :)

Office2share operates a nationwide search engine for short-term, ready-to-use office space, searchable by type and/or location.

pppbluemonster-How I spent my weekend

I have to quit now, I have other things to do. My house is a wreck, my kids are a wreck, and I’m not having fun anymore. In addition to the pieces below, I have the pieces, but no links to 59, 85,89,106 and 114. Yes, I’ll share :) I’m sorry I can’t make it any prettier for you, but I would need all the pieces in order to create a borderless image.
41 46 54 59 85 89 92 100 106 114 145 168 180 183

Changing it up

Ok, I am getting so little knitting time that I am hard pressed to get my Hocks square and 6 rows on the stole done per day. So, I’m just not gonna try to do that anymore. The Project of the Day will be all I work on for that day. I’ll alternate working on personal stuff with the lace dress. Today, I am going to work on the stole. It’s simple enough that I can do it with half my mind while the other half concentrates on hitting refresh 😛

Puzzle Piece 56

I might as well toss out a piece or two while I am sitting here, glued to the screen, thinking about blog ads. Did I mention that I just need 16 more pieces? Did I say that I think those will be the last pieces released, and I’ll probably be in a mad dash scramble with half of blog-dom trying to get done? I did? Well, it bears repeating.

Here’s piece 56 of payperpostbluemonster

A quiet day

so far, but that won’t last. It’ll get pretty exciting as the PPP puzzle nears the end. My kids are all cheering for me! I am having fun with it, but I do miss my knitting. I think I managed to get in about 5 rows on the scarf last night. I did find some new podcasts, though, including Alistair Beggs. I am bleary eyed from lack of sleep, but dared not stay in bed any longer. So now we wait. I mean, I wait. You are probably going about your life, thinking I am insane. I can live with that 😉

Puzzle piece 167

Here is yet another piece of this crazy payperpostbluemonster puzzle. You know that vibrat-y feeling you get from stress? Good stress/bad stress, it has the same effect. Well, I’m vibrating on the inside. I’m sure my hair is going iin about 40 different directions, and you know what? I don’t really care! I’m totally into blog ads today!

Here’s piece 167:

More Stuff

The girls got their scout uniforms and books today. They are so excited! On the way to blingbling now (badges). They are both looking at the books right now.

Girl Scouts have iron-on patches now! That’s a far cry from the days when I was a troop leader for DD#1 and had to put all those suckers on by hand. Well, actually, I used hot glue, cause ……I’m just like that. I’ll not be getting uniforms ready today, though� I’m busy. sitting in this chair. waiting.

My wonderful husband took DD#2 to her meeting today so I could sit in this chair and wait for pieces. I’m sure the fact that he also got to go pick up his monitor had nothing to do with it.

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