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Here I am today


Hey ya’ll! How ya doin’? DD#1 took my picture as I stumbled out of my room this morning in my pj’s holding my coffee cup. Isn’t it good for you that that picture cannot be found on the camera card? I am sure it was quite frightful, what with the hair all down in my face and all that. Instead, you get this one, taken by DD#3 this afternoon. Not as scary. Lynn started this MeMe, and tagged Amy, who tagged me.� I’m calling out



Brandi and


Knitting? Nope. Been too busy. Maybe tonight, eh?

If it’s free….

it’s for me!� You too?� I thought so. Ok, here ya go.� Tons of free stuff.� Got a baby? Free baby stuff!� Getting married?� Free wedding stuff!� Do you eat?� Free food stuff! Shop much?� Free coupons!� Have pets?� Free stuff for pets!

Ok, enough, you get the point. Lots of free stuff. Here’s the major deal: within each category (and I only listed a few out of the thirty-two) are articles. The articles include budget stretching ideas, gift giving ideas, and yes, more free stuff. There are even articles for teachers! And a separate section for educational items, which includes homeschool things.
Calm down, Cass, calm down!� Lots of contests, and you’ll be needing to give them your email address. But, you can also get a free email account :)


I just want to note that on this date, my mother was not exactly right about something. This may be the first time ever in my almost 40 year old life, so I called her up and made her write it down in her calendar. And, “I’m blogging that!”

And I guess we can file this under that category as well:
The other night I was getting on my jeans to take DS to scouts, and DD#4 said: “Are you put your tummies in dere?” (Yes, she used the multiple.)� So, I said chuckled and said yes. And she added: “And your big b**bs, too?” That one was a little more difficult to answer because I was laughing so hard.


Ya’ll following the circuit this year? The season is winding down, or up, I guess, since these last races are make it or break it for the top drivers. My DH has to read the sites daily, it seems. Me, I’m all for Mark Martin, thanks. I’ll have to tell him–Dh, not Mark since I reckon he already knows– about NASCAR Forum so he can check out the stats and chat it up with other NASCAR fans. I just don’t even want to hear anymore about Jimmy Johnson this year, although I could deal with anybody over Jeff Gordon or Junior.

Dh is going to the races this week-end in fact, with my cousin. Alas, not to see the big boys, but only the Hooter’s Cup. The cars still make the stands vibrate though, so it’s all good. They’ll have a good time as always.

So sleepy

and still no knitting to talk about.

Had fun at scouts tonight with DS#2, and found myself volunteering to make bread with them in 2 weeks. That will be fun. I’ll take a batch ready to bake, and while it’s cooking, we’ll mix up another batch and I’ll explain about the yeast and rising and such. This will take the place of a “Go See It” in their book where they were supposed to go to a bakery. I told the den leader doing was lots more fun than seeing, and he asked if I was volunteering, and I said I sure was, LOL! Then I made him a list of several other activities from the book that I would be willing to do with the boys, and told him to just let me know the meeting before when he wanted me to do something. There are a couple more cooking ones, and making a bird feeder with peanut butter and fat and seeds, and ….I forget what-all now, and it’s late and I am too tired to look it up right now, although the book is sitting right here in front of me.

It has turned off cool enough that I think we’ll turn the heat on tonight. I mentioned it earlier and DD#2 said she was glad cause she’d been cold. Now, why did she not tell me that? Hopefully this year will go smoother than last year :roll: Last year, when the heat strips in the furnace came on for the first time, the fire alarm went off! We stumbled out of bed at dark:30 to the ear- piercing shriek. Not fun.

Sytropin HGH

Cue Music: I’m much too young to feel this d^%# old

Ya’ll have read my complaints lately about feeling tired. I know I need more rest, but I wonder if it goes beyond that. I’ve heard that HGH can help you feel and look better, and I am curious if that’s true. This product, Sytropin HGH , is a homeopathic spray that also contains Growth Factors, and 8 proven amino acid releasers. No shots and no prescription. I’ve had some experience with homeopathics and have been very pleased with them, though I’ve never tried the sprays, just the tablets.

The product is not cheap, at $60 for a month’s supply, but you do get a much better value (3 for 2 and 6 for 4) if you buy more at a time. The site says: “Sytropin is the only HGH supplement to offer you a risk-free 90-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied, simply return for a full refund.” Testimonials are available.

Of course, the burning question for my 5-foot self is whether I will grow. Sad but true answer: at this point only in girth.

Knitting blog?

I’m thinking I may have to change the title here. I didn’t knit again yesterday, either. That’s 2 days this month! Maybe I’ll just call this Cass Thinks About Knitting. Is that a snappy title or what??� Yeah, I don’t think so either.

I got a book in the mail yesterday. I traded with Fee. I sent her the second Yarn Harlot book, and she sent me the first. Along with some tea! Thanks, Fee!

For today: laundry and learning and lovin’ on my kids. Possibly some fiber. And tonight, scouts for DS#2.


So, here is what I have, all in one piece. I have all the pieces now, but I still don’t know if I won or not, because I have not heard back on my submission. But here’s my entry into the Blog Advertising Hall of Fame. I sure hope they come see me on the Road Tour. Or they could just give me that truck!

It was both fun and frustrating to play with this puzzle this weekend. This last hour has just about killed me. Click to see the big picture! Me? More coffee, and I think I’ll go ahead and breathe now! I may eat in just a bit, and later, I may come back and tell you the rest of the story :)
Just click for a larger view!

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