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More stitchin’

Did I mention that I got to stitch a bit last night, again? And some today already,too? Yay me!! Did I also mention that I am back to the keyboard with the sticky space bar? It only works if you bang it, so I spend alot of posting time going back to add spaces.

I went over to see my folks’ tonight. My dad is so tired. He’s not had a day off since the first part of September. I went through the Christmas layaway stuff, and made my list. Well, Mama made the list while I played with the toys. I am indeed done with the two smallest children, at least until I catch the others up.

Tomorrow is threatening to be busy. I need to take the boys out to sell popcorn, and also go grocery shopping. DH is going to be leaving around 3 for the races, so I’ll need to be through by then.

Houston Rodeo

The new concert schedule is up for the Houston Rodeo! This year’s line up is even better than last year’s, and that’s a statement. DS#1’s favorite, Toby Keith, will be playing on March 8. And on March 19th, DD#3’s heroine, Gretchen Wilson will be there. Me? I’d love to be there for Brooks and Dunn on March 18, or Larry the Cable Guy on the 14th. I’d be checking out some Houston Rodeo concert tickets if I had any idea what life was gonna bring between now and then.

I’d like to sit close enough to smell the dirt, but far enough away that I don’t have to worry about flying hooves and horns. Yes, I know we were talking about music. But it is a Rodeo, after all, isn’t it? When the rodeo events are done, they bring the stage out to the center of the ring. It rotates so everyone can see the singers.

Hehe, look at this:

Some of the most prized seats are the coveted Action Seats, which are along both sides of the rodeo ring and comprise the first seven rows (numbered rows 1-8 with row 4 omitted) of sections 103-110 and 123-130. Action Seat tickets include complimentary food and beverages, with alcohol available for purchase.

That’s the view, and that’s where I want to be!

Big news!

I just found out that my old pastor is preaching again!! I cannot tell you how this thrills my heart. If you were reading last October/November, you may remember what happened. I overheard my daughter on the phone just now talking to one of her friends, and she mentioned his name, and I asked about it. Then I got the details from the girl’s mother. Can I just say that I am so impressed that no one called me?� Even though I would have liked to have known sooner, it just speaks volumes that I found out by accident. VOLUMES.

On a more dissapointing note, I got the church newsletter today, and the annual Holidays in Him event, to which I have taken my Granny for the past several years, has changed. The event used to be free, and was a ministry of the (former) pastor’s wife toward the ladies of the congregation. It was a time to gather and focus on Christ before the busy-ness of the season set in. This year, they are charging and the tickets are TEN STINKING BUCKS. That would be $40 for me, Granny and 2 daughters. Guess who’s staying home? Yeah, you got that right.

Look, I’m famous!

You can be too! Just upload your pic to star in your very own jeans commercial. See me? I’m three people in there!

Levi’s made this fun possible! You can just be one person in the video, too. I just uploaded my pic for all three options. Call me a narcissistic ego-maniac. I can take it! 😛

Besides, how often does a mother of 8 actually get to appear in a video? About as often as she appears in family snapshots, right? Yeah. I knew you’d understand if I put it that way!!

New Look

Those of you who read this site in IE will notice a big change today. An online friend told me how to give you black text with visible links, instead of all pink. I am quite tickled with the result. Even though I use Firefox myself, I want to be an equal opportunity blogger. Enjoy!

Dream Business

If I could do anything, and get paid for it…..I’d still want to be a mom. It would have to be something I could do from home, that works around my family instead of against it. It would have to be something that didn’t require inventory, because I don’t have space for it. It would have to be something sedentary, because I hate to sweat. So, let’s recap: I want to sit, use ideas instead of things, and keep to my own schedule. Sounds like a writer to me!

I could get a pen and paper logo on my business checks to show what I do. On second thought, maybe a keyboard would be more accurate. And even a dream business needs advertisement. Sticky note pads and pens would help spread the word and those are cheap business chachkas.

Those of you that know me may be surprised to hear me talk of a dream business other than knitting, since you know that I do have a knitting business. And I truly do enjoy that. But lately, finding time to knit has been quite the challenge, while squeezing in 5 minutes to write has been quite a bit easier.

Seasons change.

Another Keyboard Bites the Dust

Yes, we broke another one. Tea was the weapon of today’s murder. I spent about an hour cleaning the membranes, and achieved sporadic success, but nothing lasting. Then I ripped the membrane, totally taking out the J K L and : keys. Perhaps when we get the replacement this time, we’ll just get 2. We seem to go through the things at an astounding rate. Do you know how hard it is to type without QWERTY? Well, you can’t. Period. ‘Nuff said.

KNITTING ALERT! I actually knit last night. About 4 rounds on the lace dress while watching Sliders. It was marvelous.

And I slept last night, too. Feeling whole worlds better from that!

Funny Bone

This strikes my funny bone. And I am more than willing to admit to a quirky sense of humor. English School London offers English classes in London. Now why does that strike me as funny? Well, London-capitol of England-England-home of English language. Why would anyone need English classes in LONDON????

Ok, kidding aside, the reasons are obvious. People move to London all the time from other countries and they need to learn the language. English School London recognizes that fact, and has filled a need. Having traveled to London myself, I’d recommend a quick brush-up course to fellow Americans planning a move, too. Cause if you think you speak The King’s English, you’ll find out pretty quickly that you really don’t. Just don’t try to get the accent, ok?**

**Background noise consists of my children playing. They are using the most horrid British accents I have ever heard. I’m cringing and laughing at the same time.

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