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Little Something for the JetSet

How would you like to go to London? And also to save some cash with Discount London Hotels? Sounds good to me, too. This website is searchable by date and/or area of London, and includes photos.

I love the look of the buildings in London. So solid, like they’ve been there forever, and plan to stay twice that long. When I was there, I probably embarrassed my friends by shouting “Look at THAT!” after we turned each corner.

As an Anglophile with a corresponding love of history, I thoroughly enjoyed London.
One of the best features is that everything is so accesible by rail and bus. It’s neat to be able to concentrate on filling the senses and not worrying about how to get where you are going.

The food? Gotta be honest and say not so much.

Would I go back?� Just give me an hour to pack, and I. Am. There.

Break Thou the Bread of Life

So I went. And it was like coming home. It’s a very small group, but some of the faces I’d been missing were there. And there was “please open your Bibles”. And there was teaching directly related to the text. And I left with my soul and heart full. Also my belly, because it was a potluck dinner. (There was a dessert there that tasted just like an ice cream sandwich.) I’ve never been involved with a start-up church before, so this will be a unique experience.

Music: none.� I’ll take my cd player and a cd Sunday, just for background during the social time. Somebody remind me.

Some people are never happy

Last week (and the week before–and the week before that) Mike Arrington of TechCrunch (google it, he doesn’t need another link), Jason Calacanis (google it) and Robert Scoble (likewise) all had their shorts in a knot over PayPerPost and paid blogging. We PPP bloggers have been called soul-sellers and whores and all manner of other mature comments. Why? Disclosure. They want (so they said) us to disclose our paid advertising.

So we did.

That Disclosure Policy I made last night?? Yeah, the one I have linked over in the sidebar. PPP developed and financed that site to allow for greater transparency on our blogs, and they have opened the tool for anyone to use. Now, I knew about this about 10 days ago. I was one of the testers of the site. I thought it a marvelous idea, and I still do, but I was asked to keep it under wraps until it was ready for the public, so you did not hear about it.

Well, Arrington’s Assington’s lead post is all over it this morning. It’s not good enough for him. He even gets angry because one of the options you can select as you make your policy is : “This blog does not accept any form of advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions. We write for our own purposes. However, we may be influenced by our background, occupation, religion, political affiliation or experience.”

Let’s step back for a snide aside,to wit: If you are not influenced by these things, there is no way you have anything to write worth reading, and you may as well sit down like Shakespeare’s monkeys and just hit the keys.

Back to the point: All three of those guys are cashing in on PPP. They are getting hits every time they write about it. They are all screaming for us to go away, even while accepting extra advertising dollars for doing it. Here’s your coffee gentlemen: THIS BLOGGER STANDS!

The Blanket is Done

The one for DD#5. Pic tomorrow! I am very pleased with it. I plan to try on the body of her sweater tomorrow also. If it will still fit, I plan to go ahead and do the sleeves now, before I move on to someone else. No way will it even fit by the time I get around to her again! If it doesn’t fit, I’ll just step back a few paces and punt.

Note to self: update stash page and sidebar.

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 29 October 2006

This blog is written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact cass at cassknits dot com.

There are compensated posts on this blog, and those posts may not always be identified as paid postings within the posts themselves. While I am sometimes compensated for writing about certain topics, I will always give my honest thoughts. The views and opinions you read here are my own.

Bottom line: my typing may be for sale, but my words are not.

To get your own policy, go to

Crammed Full

That’s today. Grocery shopping that I did not do yesterday because I let DD#1 take her sisters out for the day in the car. DH is bringing in the winter things from the shed, which is sorely needed, but will take considerable attention. I want to be at a Bible study @ 4, DD#2 has youth @ 5, 4 kids have play rehearsal @ 5:30. At least DD#1 doesn’t work on top of all that. But the Bible study means I won’t be available to chauffeur, so I’ll need her to do that, or watch the babies while DH does it.

ETA: no, the kids have to be at rehearsal at 4:30. Practice starts early because there is a chili supper tonight. Instead of preaching. Again.

Pushchair Guide

What in the world is a pushchair? When I read the term, I had the same question. Well, it’s a type of stroller. That goes back to the observation I made the other day about speaking the King’s English. It’s a British term. The Pushchair Guide site explains all about them, and other types of travel systems. The page on choosing a pushchair goes into the details of what type of stroller to use, based on your lifestyle and what specific needs you have for baby moving.

The Pushchair Accessories page has links to several cool items to make sure your baby is comfortable and protected from the elements. We all want that, no matter which side of the pond we live on. Also worth a mention are the Safety Tips for Pushchairs.

Over all, the site is well laid out. My only complaint is that American brands are not covered. But the articles are thorough enough that it’s not hard to apply what you’ve learned to the products available locally.

Notes to self

1)Saturday morning is not such a good time to go sell popcorn. No one is home.

2)My 6yo, and I love him dearly, is spastic, and I say that in the kindest way possible. He seems unable to even hear the answers to his questions. I’ve dealt with this in a couple of my other children, and it generally indicates a high intelligence level. Their minds are already on the next thing before you are finished with this one. It also indicates certain behavioral aberrations that make me crazy, but what the heck.

3)In accordance with 2, spend some time with him, focusing on teaching him patience, both with himself and others. This explains much of what’s been going on with him lately. He shares certain personality traits with his mother.

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