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Dream Business

If I could do anything, and get paid for it…..I’d still want to be a mom. It would have to be something I could do from home, that works around my family instead of against it. It would have to be something that didn’t require inventory, because I don’t have space for it. It would have to be something sedentary, because I hate to sweat. So, let’s recap: I want to sit, use ideas instead of things, and keep to my own schedule. Sounds like a writer to me!

I could get a pen and paper logo on my business checks to show what I do. On second thought, maybe a keyboard would be more accurate. And even a dream business needs advertisement. Sticky note pads and pens would help spread the word and those are cheap business chachkas.

Those of you that know me may be surprised to hear me talk of a dream business other than knitting, since you know that I do have a knitting business. And I truly do enjoy that. But lately, finding time to knit has been quite the challenge, while squeezing in 5 minutes to write has been quite a bit easier.

Seasons change.

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