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Take me Away

I’m thinking about Florida Holidays, not calgon. Yesterday, I *wished* the laundry and *swept the room with a glance*, as I concentrated on finishing those socks and hat for DS. Now, I am surrounded by the results of my hyper-focusing, and I don’t like it one bit.

I’ve been to Florida twice. The first time I was 12, and went to stay with some family friends. I did all the touristy things: Disney, Sea World, the wave park (whose name I forget, but it was a new and original thing way back then).

The second time was when my DH had his shunt re-done after a total blockage while he was supposed to be on a business trip. Did you know that in Tampa, the ambulances don’t want to go after somebody until they talk to them? I was in Topeka, and had the hotel clerk patch me through to local 911, who patched me to the ambulance driver. Only after I told him that if he waited until DH could talk to him, he’d be picking up a body would they go get him. Good news: he recovered, and we got to spend a couple days in Tampa until he was released to fly home. We went to the Universal Studios Park thingy. I forget the name of that too, LOL. No rides, but a NASCAR cafe, some interesting stores, and nice breezy sidewalks with benches to rest on at frequent intervals. The last was a necessity, since DH had just had his head cracked open.

Anyway, today, I’d like to go by myself, preferably to the beach. I’d take yarn, tools and pajamas.

Okay, okay, I’m getting up. I’m cleaning. I promise. I’ll be back at my next scheduled pump-time to tell you what I got done. Deal? Deal.

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