sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Ya’ll following the circuit this year? The season is winding down, or up, I guess, since these last races are make it or break it for the top drivers. My DH has to read the sites daily, it seems. Me, I’m all for Mark Martin, thanks. I’ll have to tell him–Dh, not Mark since I reckon he already knows– about NASCAR Forum so he can check out the stats and chat it up with other NASCAR fans. I just don’t even want to hear anymore about Jimmy Johnson this year, although I could deal with anybody over Jeff Gordon or Junior.

Dh is going to the races this week-end in fact, with my cousin. Alas, not to see the big boys, but only the Hooter’s Cup. The cars still make the stands vibrate though, so it’s all good. They’ll have a good time as always.

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