sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

No knitting

none today, so far.

Scouts was fun! I helped show the boys how to fold a flag, and !no red showed! when I was done. Then I got to have a moment wherein I explained just how it made me feel when I saw the flag on the FLOOR! Which moment led to a discussion of how to fix the problem, and the general consensus that we parents will get together and procure a flag more suitable in size for our sons than the ones they have now. And then after the meeting we walked out to find smaller flags in use by the older boys who were meeting. What the heck? It’s not the boy’s fault that the flags are dragging. They are simply too short to keep them off the floor. But when I see a flag on the floor…… says “I don’t care. I don’t care about this flag, and I don’t care about my country, and I don’t care that men bled and died so I could have the freedom to disrespect the flag. I just don’t care.” I’m a veteran. Sue me.

Ooooh, that was a wee little rant, now wasn’t it? Umm-hmmm.

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