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New Project

Lalalalala! Lalalalala! I get to start something new. I showed ya’ll a dress a bit ago that I wanted to make. Last night, my midwife called and commissioned me to make a very special dress for a new baby girl, a bonny lass who came after a long line of boys. So, I’m looking at yarn and as soon as I find it, that dress will be the hot project. I am excited to make it!

I had a blast at boy scouts last night. Whodda thunk this old mama could still do a frog stand?� The boys had to do one, and I showed them how. I am also the “skit mother” for the den.

I did end up working a bit on DD#5s blanket last night, starting the edging. I had not knit on Hocks before the meeting, so I took that and made the square there.

I am getting a horribly late start today. Dh had the computer in use this morning for work, so I am just now doing the morning pump. While I was waiting I knit on the stole, and also started the Hocks block.

Okay, off to find yarn.

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