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Wanna get Married?

This is too funny not to share! Ted is looking for a Postie to get hitched. No, not to him; he’s got a galpal already. He wants to throw a wedding in Vegas, PPP style, for some lucky couple. It’ll be crazy, that’s fer shur. He’s already promising that what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas this time.�� He’s covering the license and ceremony, plus one night in a premium Vegas hotel. My bet for the payperpost wedding is on Jules. I’ll be watching the live video stream on the 18th to see if I’m right.
PS: she already said she kissed Ted today, and he told us all that they totally made out.

HA on me!

Fat little baby does not fit in her that sweater. Armholes too tight, neck too small, no need to finish it just now. Nor can I reach the scrap blanket as there are bins of winter clothes blocking it off.� Nothing to see here, move along. 😐

Email Phone Cards

Here’s a useful thing, especially for someone who’s away from home. These phone cards are delivered by email, which makes them delightfully easy to send to service members. oHello Instant Phone Cards & Calling Cards are re-loadable, and offer substantial savings over traditional long distance. You can also use them with cellphones.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. If your loved one is away from home, they are missing the sound of your voice. You can change that :)

More about knitting

Or thinking about knitting anyway :)

I worked a bit on the lace dress last night. It just gets prettier with every round! It would probaby go faster if I wouldn’t stop to look at it so often. I did not get the baby’s sweater tried on her yet, but I plan to do that when I get up.

It’s the last day of the month, so I need to get a fiber report ready for you, too. I think my major push for November will be the sweater for DD#1, since it’s the next thing on the stash page, but I also want Granny’s stole finished before December. We’ll see.

If time allows today, which I really doubt, I’d like to finish off that ball of peach encore into the scrap blanket, and then weave in the ends on Hocks. Speaking of Hocks, if anybody has a bit of leftover sock yarn, I could surely use some 10 to 20 yard lengths.

Free Fonts

Ooh, I like fonts. Don’t we all? I wish I had more for the blog, in fact, because they make writing so much more personable. Download free fonts and free dingbats, 8,000 of them! They are available for both PC and Mac. The front page shows several featured fonts, with large mouse-over previews.

You can also search:

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  • Categories
  • New Fonts
  • Top 100 fonts
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Here ya go!


The body of the blanket is in ripple stitch. The border is the beginning of a lace pattern from Plain and Fancy Crochet. I stopped, because we all loved the way it ruffled. Crocheted with Plymouth Encore, with an I hook.

Things I should know

I am gonna say right up front that I know nothing about Search Engine Marketing or optimization or anything else for which the abbreviation starts with SE. Just color me ignorant.

But because of where I eventually want this site to go, I should know these things. I plan to start my education today with Apogee Search.

Why? Because they know their stuff. I’ve chatted with the owner on the forum, and he is very helpful. The company has recently joined SEMPO (yet another acronym I need to know), and they are now AdWords Qualified.

While I am eating my oatmeal (yeah, breakfast at 2 again), I’m gonna study. I’ll update ya in a bit.

ETA: Holy Cow, look-it this Glossary!
ETA Again: SEMPO: Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization
ETA one more time:More white papers than I have time to read today, and Blog.

Sorry guys

No picture. My batteries are dead again. They are charging, but it will probably be tomorrow before you get to see it. Of course, I found out the batteries were dead after I laid her in the pak’n’ play and covered her in the blanket. It was gonna be a really cute picture.

(insert imaginary picture of beautiful rolly-polly baby under hand-stitched-with-love blanket)

I’m whacking little chunks out of the winter clothes bins. Two down and a bazillion to go. Bless my DH’s heart. He built a huge stack of them in front of the bookcase where we keep our school books. So far I have a sizeable stack of stuff from my aunt that I think will fit, including a couple of really nice sweaters.

HA~! Thus post is a prime candidate for a lesson in search engine marketing.

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