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There’s a travel site I’d like to tell you about. It’s a new site, and still in Beta. What they have so far is good, as far as it goes. It’s basically a portal where you can book hotels in India. The site was started by two gentlemen, and you can read about them here. The name Inasra, btw, comes from 2 words. Indian (In) and Asra which means shelter in Hindi. You can use the site to book accommodations just about anywhere in India.

Unfortunately, there is not more information on India on the site. I’d like to see more info on various places of interest. How do I know what I want to see, or where I want to go if I’ve never been to India before, and you don’t tell me what’s cool about it? I’d like pictures! I’d like cultural information. I’d like to know through the site, what India looks and even smells like. I’d like to know what the flowers there look like, and what animals I’m likely to see. I want to know what the climate is, so I know what to pack. I’d like to know what sites are of significant cultural/religious interest. Basically, I want enough information to entice me to go to India and see it all myself.

Now, since the site is only a month old, and they are asking for feedback, I am confident that they are willing to add features to help travelers make decisions about where to go. I hope to go back to this site soon, and see what it is about India that makes it somewhere I should want to go.

Another Letter

Dear Daughter-in-Law of the Aunt Who Did Not Even Know I’d Had My Eighth Baby (I suppose that makes you my cousin, but lately I am just not feeling the love),

Thank you so much for the email that the company doing the fundraising for little M’s school sent me. I appreciate knowing that I am on yet another SPAM list. And thank you for the impersonal follow-up email you sent to everyone in your address book. I know you sent it to everyone because all our addresses were there, ripe for harvesting.

I want to take a moment to explain why I’ll not be participating in the fundraiser, in spite of how much little M needs it for her K4 program, offered by the public schools in your county. I am a home-schooler. What that means is that I school my children at home. I currently have 4 enrollees, and I fund their education without government help. I do that for four children for substantially less than the government gives little M’s school for one child. Not only do I not get government help for our school, I also pay taxes which go toward the public school system. Frankly, I have contributed all to little M’s K4 education that I can afford.

Further, I do not need overpriced wrapping paper, stationery or coffee mugs. Nor do I think it a wise use of my money to supply prizes to the top-sellers while those who lack the resources to get out there and hawk overpriced goods get nothing.

BTW, a couple of my children are about ready for new math books. The total cost for their book and my teacher’s edition is less than $50. Can I count on you for a small contribution?


Cousin Way-Hacked-Off

Home Improvement

I got a flyer in the mail today for sunrooms. The examples were gorgeous! It would be an awesome home improvement to replace/expand our front or back porch.

I also want to add some more bed and bathrooms. Look at this corner sink. Isn’t that neat? Using ideas like that would sure capitalize on available space. We’ve had a couple of water-y accidents in the small bathroom, and the cabinet in there really needs replacing.

I guess if someone else were footing the bill, I’d add on *two* more 2 bed/1 bath sections, re-do the flooring, add the sunroom, and replace the kitchen appliances. Or maybe it would be a better idea to just replace the house, LOL! I really do like my house, I just wish there were more of it. And there will be. Right after I get a vehicle that will get all of us somewhere in just one trip.

I only turned my back for a second

and look what happened! The baby sits up and plays.

And DD#2 grows right up.

I have no idea what’s on her shirt. And here I must confess that I smiled when she sat on the couch tonight and combed the hair on her doll baby. But I didn’t let her see me.

Are you deaf?

Why!?! when you have broken the sliding glass door, and it is in a state of disrepair that only Daddy can fix, and we may have to call Grandaddy over as well, do you refuse to accept “no, you cannot go outside” for an answer? It’s easier to talk to Grandmother than to you! I may just get you a digital hearing aid. I wonder if the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders has anything to say about selective deafness in children and how to avoid getting an eye twitch from it. Grrrrr.


I’m finally home! We got what we went after, and then some! We got 3 skirts, 6 shirts and 2 pair of pants. Oh, yes, and a wee bit of makeup. We look so mature. Sigh. I did get her picture made today with no make-up, her last little girl pictures. And I’ll show ya’ll a picture of her soon. When I come to terms with this person who used to be my little girl.


A couple of days ago, I talked to you about Ethical Banking. Well, I have discovered these same folks have Ethical Insurance. This is an idea that I wish would take hold here. I live in what has been declared a flood zone, never mind that I have never flooded. Since I am east of I-40, the insurance companies get to rape me. And if my policy lapses, I may not be able to get it back.

I pay over $800 bucks a year for house insurance, and guess what? It doesn’t cover “floods or damage from standing water”. Now, I am in a hurricane zone. For those of you who aren’t, you may not realize that a lot of the damage occurs after the storm, when the water-logged soil lets loose it’s grip. I have seen huge trees, massive and aged, survive a hurricane, only to be toppled by what seems like a mere breeze a couple of weeks later. What has that to do with insurance? Well, that tree falling was a result of standing water, see. And if it crushes your house………..too bad. If your home is not wiped out by the actual hurricane, the damage is not covered.

Of course, that’s not what CIS means by ethical insurance. They mean stuff like

  • Human Rights
  • Ecological impact
  • Arms Trade
  • Corporate Responsibility and Global Trade
  • Animal Welfare
  • Genetic Modification
  • Consumer Consultation and
  • Social Enterprise

While these are good and lofty goals, and certainly applaudible, I think the little guy, the one like me, would be happier knowing that his premiums will actually deliver coverage for real disasters.

And while I am at it………those of us (myself included) who moan, groan and whine when the government steps in after a natural disaster to help rebuild need to realize that the government is stepping in where the insurance companies have fallen short, either through failing to cover legitimate claims, or buy refusing to offer coverage at all.

Can I finish something, please?

I am having a love/hate relationship with my knitting. I like having all these WIPs, because I am never bored. I enjoy feeling like I am being fair to all the children by dividing my knitting time. But I feel like I never finish anything anymore! There are 8 days left in the month, and I’ll probably use 3 of them on Granny, Grandmother and Hocks. That leaves 5 whole days that I can devote to something. DS#1 has not had his turn this month, and is also the only kiddo without mom-made socks. Do you think I could possibly finish his socks in those 5 days? They are 2×2 ribbed, and I figure to need about 14ish inches of sock. I plan to just rib all the way to the toes, because then they will fit longer. Basic tube socks, if you will. I have 2.5 inches now, I think. They are small enough that I can work on them at the desk. So what say you?

Of course, now that I have whined, I just checked my FO page and note that I have indeed finished 4 items this month. And I know I’ll get into a rhythm and the FOs will follow, but just now, I am frustrated.

And while I was typing, the milk backed up the tubing. So, now I will get to clean the pump and wash the tubing. I caught it before the thing got flooded, at least, and it needed doing anyway.

So today: out to the yarn store to take care of a little business. Then out to find jeans for DD#2. I may possibly take her out to lunch. If I do that, we may have to throw in a gratuitous trip to ACMoore. I need to not do that, and come on back home to pump again, but……..I also need to spend time with her. She’s the hardest one for me, being both just like me, and so very different. Unfortunately, she ended up with the traits I least admire in both myself and her dad. What a winner, eh?

She comes across as wanting very little to do with others (my habit) and lazy. Her apparent laziness however, often hides an attention to detail and thoroughness that is amazing. Not always, but often enough to catch me off guard. She blossoms under attention though, which is different from me.

She’s in a hard place, this girl. At 13, she looks about 25, and it’s hard to find clothes for her that look decent and also fulfill her sense of style. And maybe…….well, maybe it will help that I’ve decided to work with what the Good Lord gave her instead of hide it. I still feel justified that I tried to hide it at 11 and 12, don’t get me wrong. But at 13, she just looks sloppy, and nothing hides it anyway, so………here we go.� You reckon a bit of powder and some lip gloss will find their way home today?� Sigh.� It doesn’t help that when she stands in front of me there is a 6 year old overlaying this new person that she has become.

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