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Oh, poo!

I finally sat down with my knitting at 9pm. I’ve done a bunch of laundry today, and am about to fire up the machine again. Anyway, I was listening to Brenda Dayne’s podcast, and knit my 6 rows on Granny’s shawl. I’ll have to show you a picture of that soon, it’s 15 inches long, and I am almost done with the 2nd of 9 balls.

Then I picked up Hocks for the daily square. I was starting the 5th row, so I dutifully cast on 15 and picked up 16, and began to knit. I knat the block almost done, and looked down to gloat, when! what do I see???? The block was to be nestled between to other blocks. All pick up, no cast on. RRIIIIIIPPPPPP! There will be no Hocks block today!

This entry is for new knitters. Don’t worry about mistakes. There is nothing you can do with those knitting needles that can’t be fixed. Unless it’s mohair. Then all bets are off.

Oh, I am edging ever closer to the precarious abyss of the swallowtail shawl. I allowed myself to wind a ball of the yarn today. And got the needles out. Must. Resist. The. Lace.

Tightly Wound: And the Jokes Just Keep on Coming

Tightly Wound: And the Jokes Just Keep on Coming

Listen to me, commenters who must share their enlightenment with the world even though they’re commenting anonymously because they have to prove that the south isn’t really like that! The south was what it was and it is what it is and if you sit around being ashamed to live here, well, that’s your problem, not the region’s. You’re not a brave warrior who toils daily at dragging the backward out of the swamps of ignorance, okay? You’re just some shmuck with a mortgage and a job who bitches about the morning traffic, just like most everyone else down here.

Truer words were never spoken. There’s more, go read it.


This is way cool! I think my kids would really enjoy it. LaserVibe Personal Laser Show moves a laser beam around the room to the beat of music. You hook it up to your MP3 player, stereo or pc. Now, DD#3, she’s a dancing fool, always entertaining us, and she’d think this was hott. No, I didn’t mispell that. I have been assured that you spell it with too t’s when something is especially rad.

Logistical Nightmare!

I finally went to church again last night. It was a concert by the Wilmington Celebration Choir, and it was good church. I really needed it. Here’s the nightmare part:

My car seats 5, including me. DD#1 had to be at work at 6. DD#2, DD#3, DS#1, DS#2 and DS#3 were going to church, which also starts at 6. Count that up. Add me. Yep, 7. I think I drove 20 miles last night dropping off, picking up, backtracking, and church is only about 2 miles away. DD#1’s work is about 2 miles as well.� DS#3 did not need to be there at all, as he’s not in the cantata this year, but I didn’t know that until after I got him there. DD#2 joined the youth group and now she gets through at 9, instead of when church is over. And DD#1 got off at 8:30. I was feeling like a taxi driver when it was all over, but I was successful in getting everyone where they needed to be *and back home again* without anyone having to be left alone, or having to wait too long.

Man! I really need a van. Last month even!

ModernClick is a three month old CPA Network. They are recruiting affiliates. I was curious how all that worked, so I checked out Wikipedia on affiliate marketing. It said that affiliate marketing works by paying a referral fee for leads, clicks, or purchases. According to ModernClick, that fee is 5% of referral commissions. I’m looking at signing up with them to generate a little residual income. After I have another 1/2 pot of coffee and can think coherently :)

More thoughts

while I avoid what I should be doing, which is laundry, laundry, a couple more loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen, both bathrooms and living room.

Knitting is crack. Have I said that before? I am sure I have, about a bazillion times. I don’t understand this addiction. I keep thinking that if I could just knit enough, I’d get it out of my system, but the opposite is true. The more I knit, the more I want to knit. What is it about those rows of perfect stitches than so compels me to make more of them? Is it because it’s the one area of my life that I have some modicum of control over? What am I trying to accomplish here? Covering the planet in wool? I mean, I knit alot. Seriously alot. And yet, I want to knit more. I long for stretches of time with two sticks and string, and nothing else. And I do not understand this compulsion.

Not only do I knit, and knit alot, but I read about knitting. I have even dreamed about knitting. I get up in the morning thinking about knitting, and knitting is usually the last thing I do before going to bed. As I sit here typing this, I have Grandmother’s socks to my right, and DS#1’s right in front of me, and in my mind is the beautiful purple for the swallowtail shawl.

I wish there was a point to this post, but there really is not. There’s not even a conclusion here. I guess maybe I am just wondering if anyone out there can validate me in my obsession. I admit to being overwhelmed by the knitting, and yet. I. cannot. stop.

I think this may be the weirdest blog entry I have ever made. And yet I am posting it. Because…….it’s a true picture of my mind this dreary Sunday.

Cool Baby Clothes

You know that smell babies have? You know you do. When they are brand new, and you sniff their heads, and it’s the most miraculous scent, the smell of heaven. Well, I saw the cutest shirt, I have to show you this!

DD#5 so needs this shirt, because I still sniff her head, LOL!

There are lots of other cool baby clothes there, too. And toddlers, too! See?

Gonna do this

I was following links on blogs today, and read about Bluestocking Knits knitting through the Knitter’s Almanac. And it occurred to me that I would really enjoy that. Not just the Almanac either. I have lots of books here that I want to work through. And there we have the first goals of 2007, to wit, work through Knitter’s Almanac and one sock book, TBD.

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