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So Good

You don’t even know. It’s just so, so good. So, dark, so rich. Oh! My! Word! It’s so good. 10 points for commenting to tell me what I am talking about.

Affiliate Marketing

This site is just chock-full of information on Affiliate Marketing. You may recall a few days ago I was looking for that. AMWSO promises great service and ethical practices to both affiliates *and* merchants. They have forums where you can find help from folks who are already doing affiliate marketing and having success, as well as pages of tools and tips. And also a podcast!Ya’ll know I like a podcast to listen to while I knit.


This is a public service announcement. Please excuse me if today’s postings are a little ragged. My coffee pot has croaked. People, this is not good. In fact, it’s liable to be downright scary. I told DH to pick up an under the counter one today, and I’ll just have to think of another Christmas present for him.
The socks, another inch to go before the toe. Maybe today! Possibly tomorrow, depending on any number of things, including how bad my withdrawal symptoms get.

This just in: ACMoore is having 25 percent off all yarn and accessories, both knitting and crochet this Saturday from 11 to 3. Might need to clear my calendar for that one.


Ya’ll know I am looking for a vehicle, and ya’ll also know money is tight. That means I get to spend plenty of time researching, right? There’s some good info on Auto Refinance to be had. RateGenius offers:

  • Financing of a new or used car from a dealer, or a car at the end of a lease
  • Refinancing of an existing car loan
  • No interest prepayment penalties
  • Extended warranties and mechanical breakdown insurance
  • Credit insurance

And you can do it all over the internet! I am constantly amazed at the stuff you can do without ever leaving home! Think about it….buy a van through eBay, arrange financing through RateGenius, and have it delivered by a drop-off service, register it through the state’s website, and insure it through the insurance agent’s website. You don’t have to leave your house until you are ready to go get the groceries. Which I hear you can also have delivered, but that’s another post for another day.

Another hole!

Ya’ll remember I poked a hole in my finger, right?� Well, I was able to change my hand position just a bit to let that heal up, and it’s almost closed. But now I have a NEW hole. In my finger! But I also have almost 4 inches done on the foot of the socks! Feet of the socks?� Whichever, you get the point. Haha, point. Not the one I’ve poked my finger with. With which I’ve poked my finger, I mean to say. Man is it ever too late for me to be trying to put together anything coherent!

Wedding Cameras

One of the best things you can do is make sure to have plenty of photos of your wedding. Your photographer can’t be everywhere, and candids are so much fun. Catch it all with wedding cameras. Leave a few scattered around your reception area, and invite guests to pop off a few shots. You’ll be surprised and delighted by what you get. This is something I really wish I had done when DH and I got married. We did not have a “real” photographer, and not many people brought their own cameras, so I have very few pictures. This trick also works great at parties of other sorts.

PPP on the Today Show

I can hardly believe this! PPP took Guerilla Marketing to the Today Show. I feel famous by proxy! According to the behind the scenes video posted on the PPP blog, Ted and has accomplices had a great time. I really wish I had seen the show!

It was neat to be able to put a face with the marketing genius behind PPP. Can you imagine the nerve it took to go to the Today Show and pass out shirts and banners to the guests?� Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that the Today show did not know they were coming!

GO Ted, GO!


DD#1 is still waffling on her plans for college. I need to have her check out the degree programs at Capella. Capella is an accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is an online university, currently serving over 16,000 students. They offer 92 specializations in the areas of business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, ranging from certificates to graduate degrees. They are a private university, headquartered in Minneapolis.

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