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Setting: Nursing Home, Grandmother’s Room

Mama: Mother, what are you looking at?

Grandmother: I’m studying Cass.

Mama: She’s pretty, ain’t she?

Grandmother: To me she is.

Me: Do I have a face only a Grandmother could love?

Grandmother: No, your Granddad loved it, too.

Passages Malibu

I had friends in school who were into drugs. I think we all did, though certainly the drugs readily available today make way back then look like a cake-walk. And I recently found out that there is no facility in our area to treat drug addictions. Now, I live near a reasonably-sized city, but the one place that did drug rehab has stopped. The people in Malibu are not in this situation, as they can obtain Drug Rehab from Passages Malibu. This facility not only does group therapy, but also provides over 80 individual sessions per month. That seems key to me, because I really do think most people who turn to drugs or alcohol are trying to cope with some internal problem.

Of course, glimpsing a celeb or two in the hallway might be a fun trip, too. Many of the rich and famous choose Passages Malibu for it’s privacy and luxury.

Coronado-More Beautiful Homes

I really do spend way too much time sitting here, listening to this pump hiss in my ears, and click, click, clicking my way around the www. And blabbing about it, I know. But these Coronado Homes for sale are just lush! Here’s what they have to say about the area:

If you are a lover of constant sunshine, balmy weather and the sunset blush of the pacific, there’s news for you….Welcome to Coronado, an internationally acclaimed tourist destination, known for its rich history and uniquely enchanting ocean village atmosphere…. Sample some of the highlights that epitomize its truly deserving name � Coronado, Spanish for “crowned”.

Doesn’t that sound majestic? I’d love to travel there for a visit. I’ve been to California, of course, but only to San Francisco. I do have to admit that they have something we don’t have. Scratch that, reverse it. We have something they do not, and that’s humidity. Every time I went to CA, there was a good breeze, and it was not sticky. There’s something to be said for that, when the air here gets so thick I begin to wish for gills.

Here’s the deal

I know most of you know this, by inference, but I am gonna lay it out plain. I need a van. And also a small car. I know you’ve noticed the continued paid blog spots, and it would be hard *not* to notice the new google ads in the right sidebar.

BTW, I am a little freaked by those things. I know they say the ads will be related to blog content, but as soon as I popped those things up there, they were filled with yarn ads. Does Google really know me so intimately? Or am I just obsessed with yarn? You decide.

Back to the point. Were are a family of 10, with 3 drivers. And one car on it’s wheezing last legs tires. See this entertaining post for a tale of what that can entail. I didn’t realize what those numbers really meant until then. Having the theoretical knowledge does not even hold a candle to the actual mad dash experience. Something has got to give in the transportation department, so I’m rolling out I’ve rolled out the VEHICLE FUND. I need to sock away enough dough to get some new wheels. Now, I shop for cheap but dependable vehicles, so I don’t need tens of thousands, but I do need…some.

Now, if ya’ll know someone who can donate a 15 passenger van (used is great as long as it runs) and a small car (ditto), we can ditch all these ads and get back to my regularly scheduled yammering. Until then…….ya’ll just please forgive a girl for doing what she must, and I’ll keep yammering between the paid gigs.

George Lindemann Florida Billionaire

Why do people keep track of these things? It must be important in the grand scheme of things, because they do. Here’s a column about George Lindemann Florida Billionaire. It talks about other people as well, of course, but George made his money in a variety of ways. More than some of the others, he apparently developed a really good idea, and then sold it for massive amounts of money. Several times. To wit:

George Lindemann, 66, Palm Beach. Ranks 348th, up from 378th last year. Net worth: unchanged at $1.2-billion. Sold soft contact lens patent for $60-million in 1971. Started Vision Cable, sold for $220-million 1982. Sold Metro Mobile cell service to Bell Atlantic for $2.6-billion in 1992. Current chief of natural gas company Southern Union, plus owns 19 Spanish-language radio stations.

That, ladies and gentlemen is what I call di-vers-i-fi-ca-tion.

Sesame Street Chicken

That was dinner last night, at least according to DS#1. We tried not to laugh too much. We failed. His socks are *not done*. I did not knit very much at all yesterday, but worked here at the computer most of the day.

I am sure enjoying these cooler nights. During the summer, I slept without covers for the most part, but these past few nights I’ve been able to use them. It feels so good to me to pull up those covers. I feel like I am actually going to bed, as opposed to taking a nap. This winter, when I am whining about the cold, remind me how glad I was when it cooled down, ok?

I cannot believe September is almost over! This whole year has just flown by. And now I have been looking at this post for about 20 minutes without thinking of anything to add, so I guess I’ve had my say. Of course, as soon as I hit publish something earth shattering will pop into my brain.

Auction Templates for ebay

It’s about time to do another book sale on eBay. Of course, we keep and re-use most of our books, but I always find a few as I am preparing for the term that just don’t fit us as well as I thought they would when I bought them years ago. I guess that’s the punishment for being such a bibliophile. And I never did get all of the ones I had ready to go in the last great purge listed.

I did find some helpful free eBay auction templates, as well as some pointers for better sales, so I am hopeful of raising enough to cover what we still need. Always the math books, right? At least I’m not buying 4 TE’s every year. I’ve finally reached the point where I only need the TE for the oldest student. One of the perks of home-schooling a larger than average family. Until Abeka revises, anyway.

San Diego Homes

I found some Beautiful Rancho Santa Fe Homes for Sale. These places look like….palaces. I think there’s room in these houses for even my crew. This site has a lot of good info. There’s stuff specific to San Diego, but also much advice that would be useful to anyone anywhere buying or selling real estate.

No, I’m not moving to San Diego! It’s my personal opinion that eventually California will just break off and float away, taking all those fruits and nuts with it. I’d rather be swept away, see, so I’ll stay right here in hurricane alley :)

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