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Passages Malibu

I had friends in school who were into drugs. I think we all did, though certainly the drugs readily available today make way back then look like a cake-walk. And I recently found out that there is no facility in our area to treat drug addictions. Now, I live near a reasonably-sized city, but the one place that did drug rehab has stopped. The people in Malibu are not in this situation, as they can obtain Drug Rehab from Passages Malibu. This facility not only does group therapy, but also provides over 80 individual sessions per month. That seems key to me, because I really do think most people who turn to drugs or alcohol are trying to cope with some internal problem.

Of course, glimpsing a celeb or two in the hallway might be a fun trip, too. Many of the rich and famous choose Passages Malibu for it’s privacy and luxury.

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