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Here’s the deal

I know most of you know this, by inference, but I am gonna lay it out plain. I need a van. And also a small car. I know you’ve noticed the continued paid blog spots, and it would be hard *not* to notice the new google ads in the right sidebar.

BTW, I am a little freaked by those things. I know they say the ads will be related to blog content, but as soon as I popped those things up there, they were filled with yarn ads. Does Google really know me so intimately? Or am I just obsessed with yarn? You decide.

Back to the point. Were are a family of 10, with 3 drivers. And one car on it’s wheezing last legs tires. See this entertaining post for a tale of what that can entail. I didn’t realize what those numbers really meant until then. Having the theoretical knowledge does not even hold a candle to the actual mad dash experience. Something has got to give in the transportation department, so I’m rolling out I’ve rolled out the VEHICLE FUND. I need to sock away enough dough to get some new wheels. Now, I shop for cheap but dependable vehicles, so I don’t need tens of thousands, but I do need…some.

Now, if ya’ll know someone who can donate a 15 passenger van (used is great as long as it runs) and a small car (ditto), we can ditch all these ads and get back to my regularly scheduled yammering. Until then…….ya’ll just please forgive a girl for doing what she must, and I’ll keep yammering between the paid gigs.

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