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Last night, late, about 1am, to be exact, I touched it. The alpaca/silk for the swallowtail shawl. I cast on, and was ready to start the first pattern row when the baby woke up. It is heavenly, this yarn. I grumbled a bit, bemoaning the fact that she decided to wake up the instant I sat down to knit something for myself, and packed it up. She drank 2 ounces of milk, and went back to sleep. And then I went ahead and put a heel in DS#1s sock and went to bed.

I put the heel in because I was thinking that walking on ribbing might not be real comfortable. I’ve not made a pair of completely ribbed socks for myself, so I just don’t know. I’ll get the second heel in today (I hope) and then I’ll continue ribbing the top of the foot while keeping the sole in stockinette. I am truly getting sick of these socks! I am by nature a schizophrenic knitter, I guess, but… I am so ready to be through with them. I’ve worked on them for four straight days, plus 2 days last month. Now, it’s true that every day I also work on Granny’s stole for 6 rows, and Hocks for a block, but …still, I am ready to be through, LOL!

I think it’s a combination of things. 1) I have a lot of ideas for stuff I want to knit. 2) I seem to have a lot less knitting time than I used to. I used to knit about 8 hours a day, and now, I get maybe 2-3. If you look on my FO page, you’ll see that right before I had the baby, I knit a pair of socks in 2 days. TWO DAYS. Of course, they were plain stockinette, but the point is they were done in TWO DAYS. 3) I have a lot of stuff OTN, and it’s interesting stuff that I want to work on. 4) At heart I am truly an anarchist I suppose, and this disciplined “fair” knitting is getting on my stinking nerves!

Ok, so, that brings another thought: After I get this round of stuff done, I think I won’t have to have so much stuff OTN. I can stagger the kid knitting so that I have fewer things OTN. DS#1 will clearly be way ahead of the others, so I won’t put anything else on for him right away. It’s true that I like to have several things going at a time, but 5-6 is manageable while the current double-digit WIP load is taxing.

Man, this is rambling. I use this blog to get my thoughts together. You did know that, right? It’s as much my internal conversation with myself as it is interaction with others. And speaking of blogging…….I’m looking to make this a better blog. So do you have any suggestions? I’m listening, readers! What do you want to read about?

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