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make wonderful, beautiful things

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark arrived yesterday, with lots of wonderful goodies! I have pictures! Four of the kiddos were crowded around, so I had us all gather around the bed where there was more room. Here DD#4 models the box.


So. Much. Stuff

A bracelet.
A change purse–DD#1 got one of these a couple months ago, and I have been so envious. Now I have one too, with flip flops on it. I wear flip flops all the time, a habit from when my allergies were diagnosed, and I had to avoid touching my carpet for 6 months.
A yummy candle.
A box for holding stuffs.
Post-it bookmarks–wonderful for marking patterns.
A doodle pad and envelopes.
Wee emery boards.
And the yarn, oh man! This is perfect yarn, but it will not be socks. The colors are too right for me to be putting on my feet! These colors will be next to my face, and I am seeing a yoked sweater. I really enjoy my fingering weight sweater that I finished this summer. The weight is perfect for this entering-middle-age knitter, so I have been planning another. This is perfect for that. I think I am going to do a cowl collar on it to better use all this lusciousness.

Thank you, Becca. It was pure delight!

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